Again with the annoying commercials!

So it’s been changed from Coke Zero to Coke Zero with sugar?

That was my brain the first time I saw the new label… might be the most useless re-branding ever.

(worse than “I Can’t Believe It’s Not I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”)

Which is apparently what happened at The General Insurance Company. They even tell us so in their new, still not good commercials. “I didn’t realize you were a legitimate company based on your commercials”. A campaign based on how bad their commercials used to be does not inspire confidence.

Yeah, I am not getting that one, either. Maybe it’s an East Coast thing?

I’m from the East Coast and I’m here to tell you we don’t put teddy bears in our dirty water dog vending carts.

Nope, I saw that stupid ad here in CA.

I dont get why anyone would want a wet teddy bear.

They should have, “The Car Insurance commercials with the HORRIBLE CGI military guy” was a staple of comedy routines for the past decade at least. Once Family Guy actually jumped on that band wagon (since it usually takes them a few years to catch up) that meant absolutely nobody respected them anymore.

And what was up with that penguin?

Penguins are cool.

Mmm, mmm! Ain’t nothin’ like a Brooklyn street party when they open a fire hydrant and the old guys with their dirty water dog carts show up…

“Dirty water dog vending carts?”
(I assume that’s dogs from dirty water, and not dirty Irish Water Spaniels for sale…)

Dirty Water Dogs in case you weren’t kidding.

Interesting! I thought NY vendor hot dogs were just kept in ordinary water to keep them perpetually warm and not dried-out. But it turns out that they are soaked in a, quote:

…vat of water seasoned with onion, vinegar, red pepper, cumin and nutmeg for not more than one hour before it’s served.

That actually sounds pretty tasty!

Ya gotta love that dirty water…

Not to mention, a Pompeiian in 79 AD would not be able to understand nor speak present-day English.

Yeah, I didn’t remember the name when I wrote the complaint. The actions shown do seem kind of stiff. They are some ad agent’s idea of what marching band or cheerleading or whatever are like.

I think that’s the point. Nobody would, so you wouldn’t expect that at all.

The TARDIS takes care of that. Just talk normally, don’t affect an accent.

I hate the Liberty Mutual commercials. But duh I just figured out LMU Emu was Liberty Mutual (LMU). The cell phone one freaks me out.

I think it’s “LiMu Emu”, not “LMU Emu”.

Yeah that! Still took me this long ! Facepalm😀

I can’t stand the O’Reilly Auto Parts commercial. There seems to be just one–in which they sing their jingle song–and when I am trying to watch anything to do with cars on YouTube, they unleash this ad. Over and over again. Sometimes multiple times per video. For about a year now. ARRGH!

It goes:

“Oh, oh, oh, O’Reilleeeeeeeee…
Auto Parts. OWW!!”

Yeah, Ow. I’m never going to shop there UNTIL they stop with this stupid ad and jingle.

This sort of thing is what Nationwide should’ve had Petyon Manning doing rather than that static suburbia – which is all CGI according to the posts in this link – and its backstories.

Whatchutalkinbout? Surely he’s the Liberty Mutual University’s mascot.

Aren’t they in the same conference as Hamburger University?