Again with the annoying commercials!

Sy Borg
Gimme dat, gimme dat
Sy Borg
Gimme dat, give me the chromium leg,
I beg
Sy Borg
Gimme dat, gimme dat
Sy Borg
Gimme dat, give me the chromium leg,
Little wires, pliers, tires
They turn me on
Maybe I’m crazy
Maybe I’m crazy
Maybe I’m crazy, mon . . .

There’s a Hungry Howie’s Pizza commercial where they changed a line after it had run for a little while. A woman comes home and finds her husband had been writing equations all over the wall trying to work out all of HH’s 40,000 flavor combinations. Even their little baby had equations written on him. The wife scoops up the baby and says “ummmm…I’m going to go.” The husband says “to get more pizza? Yeah!” The wife says “no, I’m leaving you”. My wife even said wow, that’s kind of grim for a pizza commercial.

They soon changed the last line to “no, I’m going to call your mother”.

Next version: “And Junior here isn’t really yours! I was cheating on you with your Best Friend!”

I’d buy that Pizza.

Similarly there was a The General auto insurance ad about 5 years ago where The General is at a latin night club dancing and one of the women says “Aye Papi!” after seeing him break dance.

They took out the Aye Papi! in later versions because presumably it was seen as too sexualized, like if The General asked a woman “Who’s your daddy” at a club.

What’s with commercials still referencing 2020? Corona and Mike’s Twisted Tea are both running ads that would have made much more sense last year.

I know, Man! 2020 is SO last year! :smiley:

There’s a new Buick commercial where a passenger in a Buick asks the driver if she can play some music from her phone. He says, yeah, I have ApplePlay. She pulls out a tangled jumble of wires from somewhere and asks “where do I plug in?” He says “it’s wireless” and she says “that’s so YOU”. As if to say, you’re so hip and cutting edge in your embrace of new technology!

Bluetooth has been available in vehicles for like 20 years now.

I wonder who Buicks appeal to. I just can’t imagine any one under the age of at least 50 buying one.

Which made it even funnier that the girl who was so befuddled by wireless vehicular technology in the Buick commercial, as well as the guy driving, were both 20-somethings. She would literally barely remember, if at all, an era when vehicles did not have wireless capability.

Note to Folger’s: The worst part of waking up is hearing some woman SCREECHING in my ear.

Buick has been trying to appeal to younger buyers for years now - remember the Tiger Woods ads?

They’ve supposedly gotten the average buyer age down below 50 (depending on who you believe), but it can’t have been a good sign for “Fred Mertz’s favorite car” when they removed the Buick lettering from models a few years ago, leaving only the logo.

Still selling well in China though.

I’m under 50 and would LOVE a Cascada. Man, I want a convertible.

There’s a commercial I see a lot on YouTube TV for, of all things, Pull Ups. It has a cartoon girl walking next to a cartoon bear saying how happy she is in her Pull Ups and does a cartwheel. She then asks the bear “did ya see it?” and he responds with “yeah!”. What irrationally angers me about that commercial is how regular the bear’s voice it. It’s like a regular dude is talking. The voice isn’t, I don’t know, bear-y enough

When I see that commercial it reminds me that I don’t really like kids. :woman_shrugging: