Again with the annoying commercials!

That may be at least partially at her own request. Lily (Milana Vayntrub, to use her real name) has commented publicly on how uncomfortable the online commentary about her appearance makes her feel. Not that that stops any of it, of course, because the internet is horrible.

Wasn’t there one where a table or counter concealed her stomach, but not her chest, which was odd because that’s all they talk about.

there’s a test for diabetics to check for kidney failure . where a woman has an imaginary black lady with a bullhorn pops up to blare out random reminders every time shes in public about why she needs to be tested … of course this “helpful” PSA-styled commercial is paid for by the company that makes such test …

the lady even turns around and gives her a look in which I expected her to yell “shaddaup !”

Even here; how many threads are there about her and her, how did they used toi say it -attributes?


Yeah, that one’s awful.

Spoiler: I won’t try it first.

The commercials alone are enough to put me off “the best Coke ever.”

Our dog did the same thing the first few weeks in lockdown when we were DoorDashing a LOT, but then he realized it meant food (FOOD!) was coming, and he started to just look at the front door.

The gist that I’ve gotten from reading stories about it is that she took a lot of body shaming online over her derriere, thus leading her to conceal it behind (ahem) various pieces of furniture.

Pictures of Lily (Lily, poor Lily)

I think she’s Awesome!

I think my wife has gotten tired of me perking up every time there’s a Lily commercial on…especially love the one where she breaks the 4th wall, turns to the camera, and says “Word of mouth…it’s what they used before advertising!”

My favorite is the bedazzled one from her first run.

Has anyone seen that commercial for phexxi (a new type of birth control), where the woman is dancing around in a fancy pink room, and she’s like, “Welcome to my vagina!”

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not a prude. I have no issues discussing one’s genitalia. But it’s just so utterly ridiculous. And then it ends with her calling out “Coming!” when a buzzer rings, (could that be on purpose?) and she rides out on a segway.

It’s just so…Goopish.

Nope. Never have these words passed my ear-balls.

I posted this in the Commercials I don’t hate thread and started out saying I KNEW it was going to end up here. Yes, it’s on purpose. The whole commercial is full of double entendres and is way over the top. I laugh every time.

Well, it DOES have kind of an MST3K vibe to it. (Although the idea of a chainsaw inside my vagina makes me flinch, big time)

The way things have been positioned, it’s looked like hiding pregnancies in sitcoms.

“You can money” … did anyone mention that one yet?

Peloton with the annoyingly perky woman yelling “No ego amigo!” I want to kick her bike over while she’s riding it! :angry:

I wish she’d stop calling me “Peloton”. That’s not my name nor is it the name of anyone she’s yelling at.

USAA. They try to appeal to veterans by showing clips of military people doing military things, and then there’s a quick glimpse of a marching formation. The other scenes might inspire pride, or nostalgia. I’d put marching right up there with cleaning the latrine. Maybe some perv liked it.