Again with the annoying commercials!

That, too.

I’d love to see a study of how long people use their home gym equipment, etc, before giving up on it, regardless of brand or type. I had an exercise bike that turned into the stereotypical clothes rack within a couple of months. I have been doing better with my treadmill, so far…

You’re using hangers?

There’s a commercial for a clothing freshener called “Downey Unstopables”. The commercial itself is bland and inoffensive, but UNSTOPABLES IS NOT A CUTE WAY TO SPELL IT THE WORD IS UNSTOPPABLE WITH 2 'P’S JUST STOPP IT!!!

Oh, is that what that bitch is yelling? I want to do more invasive things with her bike.

And what’s with the commercial with the guy who lost his brother, then his mother, then Amazon is helping him become a nurse? What’s the point of all that?

“Amazon is such a supportive and caring employer that they help you achieve your career dream, even if it isn’t with Amazon. So use Amazon.”

I emailed them about that one time, got no answer.

You probably used correct spelling in your email, and that confused them.

It’s hard, boring work with crappy pay, but if you can stick it out, we’ll help pay for school. Of course, you’ll be so tired that you’ll only be able to carry one or two classes so it will take at least eight years to get a bachelor’s degree, but be strong, my friend, and come work for Amazon.

All the extra Ps in “Ragg Mopp” had to balance out eventually, it just took longer than we thought. :slightly_smiling_face:

The point is that Bezos is a philanthropist, so ixnay on the axes-tay.

Here are some more bears you can add to the list: the softball-playing black bears for Black Bear Diner (mostly in California, a few others scattered around Texas and Oregon and other places). Apparently there is more than one commercial for this disgusting franchise chain restaurant (I ate there once, it should be called Blech Bear Diner), but whatever station is showing them over and over, even back to back, only has the softball one. It isn’t even especially horrible if they didn’t play it so often.

garden of life’s “women poop” laxitive commercial … notable is “its 20 20 and yes women poop” "im a woman whos pooping on a tv commercial "

I’m getting really tired of that woman who wears sunglasses because of her bulging eyes. And no, I don’t want to go to your web site for her “before” pictures.

That’s ok, the commercial for thyroid eye disease has you covered, complete with close-ups of dripping, inflamed eyeballs and a guy taping his eyes shut!

Seriously, I know the spooky season is nearly upon us, but who gave the ok to this thing?

Arizona has had sports betting for a couple weeks now and we are still inundated with back to back to back commercials for every betting app under the sun. Make. It. STOP!

It never will.

Why are we bombarded with commercials for new cars… cars that are unavailable because of the chip shortage? Why don’t they save their money and hold the commercials until they have the cars?

I said it in another thread-- in the near future, all commercials will be either be political, or for online sports betting.

We’ll never be rid of pharmaceutical commercials.

If you’re allergic to drug ads or any of their memes, don’t watch drug ads.

A current pharma meme I find annoying has people showing grit and gumption in defying their maladies through the use of overpriced prescription meds. “I’m through messing around. Take that, psoriasis/depression/constipation!”

Still not as bad as ads showing people walking around holding hands with their overractive bladders or black mood clouds, though.