Again with the annoying commercials!

He said he missed his husband’s eyes.

Apparently, according to the commercial, if you have a kink in your pecker there’s a chance it’s a result of scar tissue. They don’t explain what guys are doing that adds scars to their peniseses. One thing I’m kinda curious about, is whether some women favor the bent configuration.

I’ll bet the drug company is hoping that guys with a normal bend to their penis get worried that they need an expensive prescription (with a mile-long list of side effects… including “falling off”, I wouldn’t be surprised).

That’s pretty harsh.

The guys with bent peckers just need to adjust their truss rod.
But seriously, short of popping a stiffy at the doctors, how does a guy actually know if their erection is normal or not? Can’t really get a read on it from viewing porn horse cocks.

It is but shilling your tears over your ex for botox surgery so everyone who is ready to move on can feel good about themselves just rubs me the completely wrong way.

Just saw one for Chapstick featuring a little girl who smears the stuff on her lips, then smooshes her face all over the window of the car she’s riding in, much to the apparent delight of nearby pedestrians. Eww.

That commercial is bogus, because the girl makes no smears on the window. After she just applied chapstick, that window would be a smeared-up mess.

Oh definitely… There’s not even any spit. I wonder how cleaning Chapstick off glass compares to removing lipstick?

Taco Bell commercials - nobody needs Taco Bell that badly.

Speak for yourself!

I think that’s the point they are attempting to make - you can use Chapstick and it won’t make your lips all gooey and waxy. But like you, I have my doubts the window would remain so clean.

I miss the days when I didn’t dislike Tom Selleck so much.

I was told once that in drug studies if 5 people out of a hundred had the same effect say hives or diarrhea they legally had to list it as a side effect

Not just for commercials. He’s dead to me after Blue Bloods. I hate to contemplate that Thomas Magnum grew up in to being a trump sucker.

Gotta love his latest reverse-mortgage ads where he comes right out at the start and basically says, “Don’t believe all this claptrap about reverse mortgages being a scam. I’d never tell you anything that’d make you lose your house. Please believe me, I’m Magnum, I’m police commissioner Frank Reagan, you can trust me!”

Yes and all while breathing so hard, I want to call an ambulance for him.

No kidding! Would have been cool if he was trying to fuck our Mom in the 80’s. Not so much, now.

Commercials with parenting are just the very worst. First there are those terrible Kraft Mac 'n Cheese ones and now I’m noticing a bunch dealing with children’s sexuality. No. Check that. Daughter’s sexuality. They are, again, terrible.

First there’s the one for Home Depot, I think, where the mom makes a hole in her daughter’s bedroom wall to spy on her and her fella because her daughter didn’t leave the door open. And the other one for a car with internal cameras where the boy holds the girls hand in the back seat and the dad goes off on how he can see all the naughty things that go on in his car while mom smiles indulgently. Holy shit dad, they’re just holding hands!

And then there is the Dorito’s with the kid who craves being uncomfortable who tells the dad that his daughter is a great kisser. That kid would have been kicked right out of my house because I would not stand for that kind of disrespect-- not for me or my daughter. Sure, she could still see him if she wants but I don’t have to see that little fucker.

Is there a commercial out there dealing with parents and their teenagers, especially if they are daughters, that isn’t cringy?