Again with the right hand hair part for men

I’m watching Boardwalk Empire and it seems quite a few characters part their hair on the right. This is easy to tell given the slicked hairstyles of the 1920’s that the show recreates.

It seems to me that the right hand part was more popular in previous decades (judging by old movies, which, of course, I did not do my homework for this thread, so can’t give examples).

So, was the right hand part more popular in decades past? I’m not going to bother mentioning that ridiculous hypotheses the husband and wife team put forth where a right hand part looks unnatural to others. Wait, I just did. :smack:

Anyway, as a right hand parter, I’m curious.

Right hand parters: unite! We shall take over the world, or at least a very small, clean portion of it!!!

Just as I hit send, I realized the title says “men”. The OP really shouldn’t be limited to men’s hair parts.

I… I don’t really get a part. I have a billion cowlicks. It limits me to about two hair cut options and basically zero options that involve parts.

I have a cowlick on the right at the back, so my Mom started parting my hair on the right.

I’ve tried switching to the left, but the hair sticks up at that damn cowlick.


Also, as a kid in the 1960’s, I seemed alone in parting my hair on that side–at least on the east coast of the U.S.

With a cowlick in the front, it’s less of a hassle if I part right.

I, too part my hair on the right, because that is the way Mama Plant did it. :slight_smile:

Parted on the left for years until the line got wider, then in the center for years. Now a righthand part looks better as my hair thins.
I theorize the righthand part got its dislike since Bush 1 wore his hair that way.

Are you talking about my right or yours as you’re looking at me?

So, I still wonder if it was more popular in decades past (like prior to 1970 or so)?

My dad used to swear that men are supposed to part on the left and women on the right.

I part my hair on the left. Mostly.

When I got into punk rock/new wave/goth/alt/etc and started going out dressed in things like torn fishnets, denim cutoffs, and Doc Martens, dad became considerably less concerned about how I part my hair. Perspective!

Once again, I must link to Cracked, this time “5 Seemingly Insignificant Things That Make People Like You” —

The way my cowlicks lay, my hair looks much better parted on the right. Nobody’s said anything yet.

hair should be parted down the center like Alfalfa intended.

As a kid I always parted on the right. In college I switched to the left. After getting married, I changed to a much more modern look – no part, messy, kinda spiky, pushed forward and to one side, pretty much like this

Just LOL at the idea of characterizing left-hand and right-hand parts as indicating anything, let alone “manly” or “sensitive.”

In all my years on the planet, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed which side anyone parts his or her hair on, forget forming an opinion of that person’s character because of it.

That’s not really a refutation of that article. I think the point of that little blurb is that it is a source of subconscious judgment. I don’t think it is saying that people are consciously judging people based on the side of their parts. But Hollywood apparently thinks that it does affect perception of movie characters for some reason.

My incorrect reference to the husband and wife team in the OP concerns that. Turns out that the hair part theory was put forth by a brother and sister team (John and Catherine Walter).

Personally, I think it’s bogus. I think anyone with sense will agree that parting on the right is just, well, right.

I heard once that right-handers tend to part their hair on the left and lefties on the right. Makes sense to me. The majority of people are right-handed and, it seems to me, that one would naturally want to pull the comb toward one’s dominant side. A little less effort that way.

Maybe Alfalfa was ambidextrous.

I don’t see an answer to the question: Are we talking about the MAN’S right, or the observer’s right? I always parted my hair on my right because I hold the comb in my right hand and it’s closer. Never thought about it, but when I google images of men’s hair, I see both ways more or less equally.