Age and wisdom over youth and beauty, OR don't mess with the elderly

I went to the grocery store this morning for some stuff for my ailing husband (WHOLE other thread, there). The store that I use has several elderly people working there as checkers or baggers. The gentleman bagging my groceries had to be 70 years old. He was extremely slow and shaky and took forever to get my icecream in the little bag and get everything all bagged for me. I was patient. He insisted on taking my groceries out, although I don’t even like to have that done. I was polite. We left the store with him following me. You have to go through a fairly tight space to get outside (poorly layout for the store) and you can’t really pass a cart in that space. So we get outside and this *physically * attractive young woman ruins her attractiveness immediately by pushing past the old man, turning around and saying “Can’t you walk any faster?” I was stunned! I mean, we’re talking about a few seconds that she couldn’t get past him and she felt it entitled her to be rude to this man! He had held me up for minutes with his fumbling and walking slow and I never felt the desire to say anything nasty to him! All I could say was “How rude!” as she kept walking.

Anyway, the old guy gets through loading my groceries in my truck and as he walks away he notices her pulling out of her parking space. He walks out in the middle of the parking lot aisle with the buggy and just stands there! She’s honking her horn at him and probably cussin’ a blue streak, but he just stands there until he’s ready to let her go. I laughed all the way home, in between being disgusted by this little witch’s behavior.

So whoever you are, little chicky, when you’re 70 and moving slow and aching in the cold morning air, just trying your best to keep moving and stay active and alive, I hope you remember this and I hope it galls you to the core that you were deliberatly rude to this man.

Age and treachery beat youth and strength every time.


They say the toothless get ruthless…

I don’t blame 'em at all. :wink: