Age differences.

You have a man and a woman, but with a 30 year age difference. Do you think when they get older the age difference doesn’t mean as much? Can they ever be together with out society looking down on them? I am just looking for views not answers.

I’m in my 30s (upper-range). I don’t seem to have anything in common with women my age. We don’t like the same music, we don’t have the same goals, our outlooks are different. I do relate to women in the 25-28 range.

I don’t think it’s so much the chronological difference that matters in a relationship, but the psychological and emotional similarities.

But then, I never saw much point in growing up.

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Are you a turtle?

When one reaches 110, the other’ll be a sprightly 80. Big difference ;).

“I am just looking for views not answers”.

Then this belongs in MPSIMS or Great Debates.
Anyway, 30 years seems like a big difference. One is old enough to be the other’s parent.


is on April 15th. Do you have what it takes?