Ageing up in the MMP

aka Medal Monday MMP

Most world class athletes are in their 20’s or even early 30’s (with the exception of the invertibrates who do gymnastics). In general, as you age you slow down & lose muscle mass. To keep the public involved, some sports have age groups. There are 5 categorys for amateur cyclists; one starts as a Cat 5 & gradually works they’re way up to a Cat 1 based upon good enough results (ie. winning) If you’re a good enough Cat 1, you may get offered a contract & turn pro, but this is a bit like baseball, where pros start in the minor leagues &, if good enough eventually get to “The Show”, but even if you’re good enough to make a MLB team, you’re not necessarily a star or a household name.

Eventually you age up & go into Master’s racing, which is based solely on age; there’s no more raking based upon how good/fast you were. This sucks for the lower level guys because they’re now racing against guys who are their age but much better then they are. This is a part of the reason I quit racing bikes; I was getting smoked. :frowning:

Cycling is also interesting in that your age is based upon the year you were born. You’re racing age is the age you’ll be on Dec 31st of a given year, so whether you were born on Jan 1st or Dec 30th if you & someone else were racing in the summer you’d be the same racing age. Most sports do it on your actual birthday, but there are some that do a hybrid & it’s the month that counts.
Running, after accounting for the overall winners, is based solely upon age, from races that have an 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 19 & under category; you’re always racing against people fairly close to you in age. Most races do 5 or 10 year age groups, though some to 15 yo age groups. Every once in a while you age up; this is a good thing, because as I stated above, you get slower as you get older; therefore you’re going from old & slow to young & (hopefully) fast in the next group.

Having somewhat recently aged up, this was my first race in new age group. (Last weekend’s race I was untimed). However, still on the recovery from a wicked infection, which means I couldn’t run for a while & having a short night the night before I wasn’t expecting much. It was also a fairly tough, hilly course. All of these things said it wasn’t going to be my best performance. Yes I tried, but I wasn’t expecting much. I just went out & did my own thing. Fairly early on, one guy, who looked to be in my age group passed me; I let him go & didn’t try to keep up. Then another guy who I was sure was in my age group passed me; again, I let him go & ran my race; however, he leveled out 10-15 secs in front of me, roughly ⅓ - ½ of a football field out. I tried picking it up, but I wasn’t really gaining on him. Oh well, I’m in third, I’ll get an age group medal, not too shabby.
We get to the last hill, a steep, punchy one & I see he’s walking it. There ain’t no way I’m gonna do that; I’m gonna catch him. He reaches the top & starts running again. I’ve cut his lead in half but there’s less than ¼ mile to go; just not enough real estate to catch him so I’m resigned to my fate…but then, he starts to walk on the next hill. I dig a little deeper. He starts to run again, still in front of me. We get to the last turn, I take a good tight line (shorter distance running inside of a turn rather than the middle of the road or outside) when all of a sudden he veers right & cuts me off (I don’t think it was malicious; I don’t even think he knew I was there.) I put my hand on his shoulder to try & move him back to the left because it’s either run into the stanchion or run into the back of him; otherwise, I’d need to both slow down & then try to pass him on the outside. He looks over his shoulder at me & takes off. I dig deep into my sprint & pull even with him; he pulls a step ahead but now I pass him. That’s it, he’s done, cooked, pooped, popped. I end up beating him by 2 seconds in the last 25ish yards. I cross the finish line, walk it off & recover from a ridiculously high heart rate & eventually come back to check the results board. Ummm, that first guy who passed me early on. He wasn’t in my age group, which means…
…I won!!!

I later find out that this race is only giving awards to the age group winners, no second or third place. IOW, if I did give up & didn’t dig it out at the finish I would have gotten squat, bumpkis, nada, zilch, zip.

Ahhh, to be ‘young’ again.
Ummm, lesse, pre-hijack question of the week. What have you won &/or why are you looking forward to ageing up? (I know some of our more elderly members will get social security &/or Medicare soon &/or maybe some other senior discounts.)
P.S. Sunny, last week wasn’t a stealth brag, & this week isn’t a stealth brag either. :wink:
I’m juuussst good enough to win or place in a small to medium sized race…sometimes. However, iffn it’s a big race…Fuggedaboutit! :frowning:

First! I just stopped in on my way to work. It’s cold, raining, and going to be a long day. Blurf.

Bleh off to sleep possibly getting a cold sore…dumb storm from last week blew out the piloit light here in the desert

Gonna be a week of bunk …

Funny you should mention aging up - this weekend, I downloaded a couple of brochures on Medicare. Since I hit the big 65 in January, I need to apply any time now. SS will come next year, when I hit 66.

As for athletic stuff, it was never an issue because I was never any kind of jock. Closest I came was intramural tennis in 11th grade. I got 2nd place, but only because the last person I was to play didn’t show up, so I “won” by default. Anyway, I prefer more cerebral pursuits, and even those are becoming a bit beyond my grasp - damned memory. More and more often when watching Jeopardy, I find myself saying “I knew that, dammit!!”

As Dan Quayle said “What a terrible thing to have lost one’s mind. Or not to have a mind at all. How true that is.”

Happy Moanday!

Yay, Spidey!!

For me to win a race, I’ll have to hope I’m still running at 95. This weekend I’m doing a 5K which I am completely unprepared for. I have not been able to run since about April but I signed up for it in February and it sounds really cool so I’m just going to go and walk and hope I don’t fall over. I did a trial 2 mile walk a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t pretty, but I made it home without sitting down to rest anywhere. RT is coming with me so if something happens he can carry me to the finish. Ha!

Anyways, happy Monday everyone!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 73 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 89 and cloudy for the day. We are under a tropical storm watch through Wednesday and maybe even through Thursday. I expect Wednesday to be a windy and stormy day. We shall see. Oh well, hatches are battened just in case. I shall spiff up da cave today. Place does not look too shabby but a little spiff up never hurts. Also tonight is Vestry meetin’ over to the church house. By request, we shall sup upon salmon patties, peas, smashed N.O.T., and bizkits.

Spidey congrats on the win! As to agein’ up, well, if’n you see me runnin’ you best run as well cause sump’n’s after me. :smiley: I have aged up for social security as I decided to take that early. Next year I will age up to Medicare. Like MOOOOOOM said, I need to start readin’ up on all that. Plus, I am eligible for a lot of geezer discounts and take advantage of it all. I’m all for “gimme mah dang geezer discount, ya whippersnapper!”

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Congrats on the win, Spidey!

Romeo Jr. was the most adorable a-hole I’ve ever met yesterday. He would come in, wreck whatever I was doing, or get into something he wasn’t supposed to, but then he’d give me a hug, or flop onto me and say “love mama” and I just couldn’t be mad at him anymore. But I was still frustrated at the day, so I was this weird mess of “awww” and “arrgh” all day.

But now I’m at work… no one here is cute when they tick me off.

More congratulations to spiderman!

Congrats spidey, I am built more for comfort than speed (swampy and I could compete in the 100-yard shuffle…), but good on you.

Juliet, I think it’s in the job description for 2-year olds to be both adorable and frustrating.

Good luck Sticky Buns on your 5K; where do we send the condolences? <grin>

I think the only trophy I ever won was for bowling when I was about 7 years old. I have a few medals about from coaching soccer teams, but not much for individual accomplishments.

75F now heading for 88F, but it’s still looking like rain and a cool front coming through on Wednesday.

Still dwalding about unpacking some boxes; there’s plenty of storage space, I just have a bad case of the 'don’t wannas".

Happy Moonday!

Another annoying day, but at least it isn’t too hot or too cold out.

Congrats Spidey on winning the race!

Good luck on your race Sticky!


I’m trying to pace myself because I’m almost out of work again. These guys are letting me down! I expect things will get better when I drop to 3 days a week.

Raining cats and dogs here. This is from the tropical storm soon to be hurricane Michael.

Swampy. You are so funny which your geezer discounts. I can almost hear you saying that.

Tis a holiday. The most hated holiday but I will take it.

Spidey congrats.

Theme song for the current hurricane:

♫♫ Michael, blow the boat ashore… ♫♫

I crack me up! Stay safe, Butters!!

OK, 'fess up - which of you is the “someone else” referenced in this email I just got? You coulda told me about big payday awaiting me, dammit!

If you see me running, something’s after me or I’m about to miss my bus. Lots of my friends seem to run for fun, I get tired just seeing their pictures.

Went to play with [size=1]tiny[size] plants again. It is a bit of a drive, but I’m planning on making it a weekly thing. They could do with the extra people, and it’s actually a bit of a rare and useful technique that would be good to get some experience in. Plus I’m gonna be doing this year’s Big Project there anyway.

I hope the tropical storm behaves itself if it does show up Swampy, after all that spiffing. I hope it uses coasters.

I was not an athlete as a child. I just ran around and played at the park like everyone else. There was no such thing as team sports. I started riding horses in my 20s and the good thing is that you don’t have to stop when you get old. Yeah, you might not be jumping 3’6" or doing Grand Prix dressage, but you can always piddle around outside or in the arena as long as you can mount.

It has rained since Friday, and today the sun is out and it’s hot (like 88) and humid. So glad I wore black slacks and a long sleeve blouse. I may die of sweat. Freshly carved turkey was on the lunch menu and the lunch lady gave me a big pile o’ skin. Maple pecan roasted. I’m in hog heaven.

I hereby declare da cave to be spiffed and somewhat sanitary. ‘Tis rainyish out as I post. Michael is now a hurricane. Rah. I was goin’ to start trainin’ for the 100 yahd shuffle Metal Mouse has challenged me to do, but what with it bein’ rainyish and a storm comin’ and all, we may have to delay for a while.

Butters I will even ask if there’s a geezer discount. Yes, I use those exact words. :smiley:

I forget to ask for a geezer discount most of the time. But it’s been offered in the past because **FCD **looks geezer-like, even tho he’s nearly 3 years younger than I am. I have ordered off the geezer menu in some restaurants. I like it because it’s usually a smaller serving, which I prefer.

Just found an email that gave me 9 more drawings to do, so I’ll be busy thru tomorrow. rah!

Bought some new trashcans and a large silverwear holder for the house, and am preparing to go out and coach soccer in about an hour. No rain, but some clouds and 86F.

So Mooomm, you going to treat us all to dinner once that $1.5M shows up?

wet one, my mouth is watering just from the description–you work with a better cafeteria staff than I ever remember.

Got my socks on. Now for shorts and shoes…

Sure, **MetalMouse **- I’ll bring you all to my house and we’ll whoop it up big time! :smiley:

Supper has been ingested and I’m about to assume the knit position. I’m really whipped today…