There's no more home, an MMP

Figuratively at least. It’s been on the decline for some time, losing the National Championship after 2005. Sponsorship have been in decline. The operational staff (the world's GREATEST stage crew) moved on after the death of our leader last year. But, [this]( is where the name "Spiderman" comes from. There are race people who only know me as such & don't know my IRL name. I was staff, then senior staff for many years, then a spectator, then involved with a team but I never missed one! Oh, in almost 30 years, it NEVER rained on Race Sunday. Can't help but think that Lancypants did something to drive sponsorship away; the gift that keeps on giving so to speak. :rolleyes:

Guess I’m free to do something else on race weekend this year; & no, that’s a speck of dust that must have gotten into my eye; both eyes! ::sigh::
ETA: Oh yeah, you’re welcome, Swampy :wink:

First! HAH!

Second! Hah!

I had a fun weekend up in Scotland, went by train instead of driving and getting stranded on the motorway, but there was virtually no snow in the places I went. It’s still snowing here today, my car has all but disappeared into a personal snowdrift and I am not going out in the evening unless I absolutely have to until the nasty white stuff has gone.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. Actually caffienated I should say. 'Tis 36 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 66 for the day. Not too bad.

Spidey how nice of you to so graciously start us off without anybody even havin’ to nag. :smiley: Sorry about the race weekend bein’ cancelled. I know how much you like to ride so that just sucks. Mayhaps an even bigger and better race will come along.

Today’s plans include, well, not much. I do have beast stew in the slow cooker for a dindin later this week. Tonight is men’s night over to the church house so steaks are marinatin’ and beer is chillin’. Plus I am meetin’ OYKW for N.O.L. just cause I can.

Happy Monday Y’all!

Up, caffeinated, off to irk.

Good morning!! I managed to sleep in (mostly) till about 6:30. Laundry is sorted and the first load is washing. I figure I can get 2 more loads done before the convenience center opens at 9:30, at which point, I’ll load all the trash and recycling into the truck. Once that’s disposed of, I’ll swing by the pharmacy to pick up FCD’s meds, then on to Lowe’s for most of what we’ll need to finish the kitchen. I say most rather than all because history has taught that we’ve forgotten to put something on our list.

I get to clean the dining room carpet, too. Yesterday, both dogs peed in there - I guess they’re both claiming the territory. Idiots. I don’t know which is the bigger idiot, tho. When they were outside, Cozmo hiked his leg on Higgs, and she just stood there! So she got a second bath yesterday afternoon. Like I said - idiots.

I’m not sure when I’ll be going back to work. I’ve run out of things to do for the moment. There’s a project the guys in Yuma are managing that’s supposed to fall on my desk soon, but till then, I don’t know. So I guess I’m semi-retired again.

**Spidey **- bummer about the race. I guess Lance has everyone thinking that everyone who bikes also dopes… that doth sucketh.

We’ve got several ***COOOOOOOOOOOLD ***days ahead - like dropping into the low teens at night. I can haz spring?

Happy Monday anyway.

MOOOOOOM your low teens explains why our lows will be upper 20s a couple of nights. Then again, it ain’t February yet. If we have “significant Winter weather” February is the month for it.

Y’all will be glad to know that I’m all showered and dressed. Ima go do some stuff irk and errand related shortly. Some of the host agencies are open today thus some program participants are on the job so I shall go see what’s shakin’. Plus I have some paperirk for what will be a new host agency. The new participant for that place starts next Monday which is the start of a pay period and that’s how I like to bring in new folks. I should have a couple other newbies as well but they’re goin’ to already host agencies. See, I irk even when there’s a holiday. On the plus side I’m doin’ it all in jeans cause I has declared it’s a casual day.

Blurf. That’s with an 0800 wakeup, too. I am such a slug today.

Today is my kneeiversary. It was one year ago today that I fell on a (dry) sidewalk and tore the meniscus in my knee. And believe it or not, it’s still bruised today!!!

I hope to get it fixed in May or June of this year. In the meantime I’m not sure what the appropriate anniversary gifts are, but you all could send chocolate and knee pads or maybe just big fluffy pillows. :slight_smile:

Happy Kneeiversary, Sticky. If it’s any consolation, I still have bruises from an injury I suffered in 2008.

flytrap - I never said I’ve been able to duplicate those recipes. I’ve never even tried - but I will tell you that leftover chinese white rice is good for something.

Sorry about your race, Spidey. That really sucks.

We have a local race that started out as a 3-day event with races spread around town and was taken down several notches by a (one-term) mayor. I don’t even remember what the issue was, but it was bungled majorly. It’s only a one-day event now (and I’m pretty sure it was gone for one year because of the brouhaha), but it’s a huge community thing and is a whole lot of fun even if you’re not into bicycling. My point is: our race came back; yours can too.

For today’s holiday I am planning FairyChat-like activities. I’m going to paint the stairwell going down to the basement. It’s been in need of painting for a while and since I had to clear it out for the arrival of the new washer, I figured I’d take advantage and do a quick paint job. Am also going to repaint and correctly attach the handrail, which has been wobbly for the 13 1/2 years I’ve lived here.

Off to get started!

Hugs all.


Sorry your race got cancelled, Spidey. It sucks that one dope on a bike can ruin it for the whole class.

Happy kneeversary, Sticky! sends fluffy pillows and a box of chocolates

I can no longer put it off. I must do laundry. Lazy clothes refuse to get up and wash themselves. If I can do it, they can do it!

Wow, I totally forgot the inauguration was today until I saw an update on what Michelle Obama’s wearing on Yahoo News. Four years ago it was snowy and school was cancelled and I was watching it on TV and live-SDMB’ing it. Now? Now I need to do laundry and I do not care. This is what polarizing politics gets you, kids.

You know what? Since I have to go out anyway, I’m taking me out for my birthday. I haven’t gone to the really good Caribbean restaurant that has :DCheerwine on tap:D for a while. I shall do that for lunch. Because I deserve it, dammit.

Week two of my two-year old going to nursery school (yeah, I’ve not posted in a MMP since she was still a bump, sorry 'bout that!) and the novelty is wearing off - I missed her like hell, and felt really down without her. Even with nearly three hours to myself to do nothing apart from drink coffee and read a book, it wasn’t as relaxing as I would have thought Me-Time would have been. Just lonely and a bit pointless! :frowning:

Howdy all.

I turned off my out of office reply today. Classes start tomorrow. Back to it.

Does Pittsburgh still have its big bicycle race? I could google but its a holiday (double holiday actually) and I’m feeling a case of the lazies.

Morning (almost afternoon here actually). I has a case of the blurfies.

Today I go to another OB appointment to peek at the baby. Hopefully they still find it’s a girl, because I have already told everyone. My luck it will look like a boy this time.

Spaz today is not your actual birthday right? The reason I ask is I think I get a facebook notification but I could be wrong.

Back from N.O.L. with OYKW we went at 11:30 to Garganos which is a pretty good Eyetalian place. Now I shall loll around da cave until time to head over to the church house.

Not me. I have been sitting in my truck in SW DC since 2am ‘just in case’. I was started 12 hours before my usual shift, and I get the impression they expect me to work through.

On the other hand I am not actually assigned to a job like all my coworkers, but its a trade off.

I can haz a grumpy.