Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S03E10: Maveth

Well, conveniently, the portal destinations on the alien planet seem confined to a relatively small area, i.e. within walking distance - say a fifty-mile radius. If you can hold the portal open for a minute at a time, send a photographer through, have him snap a few dozen pictures of his immediate surroundings before jumping back (even better, put the camera on a drone or even a balloon that can gain some altitude), repeat once every twelve hours (assuming that amount of time was chosen for some specific technical reason) and over a few months you could probably develop a fairly accurate composite map of that part of the alien planet.

Anyway, there are a number of ways to explain why it was such a challenge, and to the extent that it matters, I’ll just assume the characters knew them but they just weren’t shared with the audience. The end result is “Ward” is still the bad guy and Hydra is still the enemy, but now as-yet-unspecified alien powers of some kind are in play.

I have generally been pro-FitzSimmons, but I am so over this Die For Our Ship trope. Plus, it damages the ‘ship’, anyway, because unless they introduce another PLI, Fitz goes from potentially being Simmons’ choice to being the last man standing.

I saw someone elsewhere online suggest that the Daisy/Lincoln kiss came out of nowhere. Those people must have watched the second half of Season 2 and the first few episodes of this season very differently than I did.

Wasn’t it Will, not Bill?

Loved when Coulson looked up in the sky and said cool, Tatooine.


Yes, you’re right. I guess my brain automatically thinks “Bill” when “Simmons” is in the sentence.

Nitpick: her name is Jemma.

Goddammit. I should just start using descriptive nicknames for everyone. British chick, short British guy, taller British guy, really tall chick, Phil, astronaut dude, mean chick, shaky chick, super angry inhuman, etc.

Um… which is which?

Dudley Moore was the short one. Peter Cook was the tall one.

Nerd & psycho?

Oh, I wouldn’t call Peter Cook a psycho. Eccentric, yes. But not crazy.


Martin Freeman is both

I want to know what this alien can actually do. Is his power just inhabiting other bodies? He was able to turn an entire planet into a wasteland (which I hope we see flashbacks to), but we haven’t seen him do anything more than punch and stab people yet.

Perhaps he turned the planet into a wasteland through the simple feat of inhabiting the bodies of the people who controlled their equivalent of nukes.

More specifically, short British guy (Fitz) is Scottish I believe.

And if it was able to lay waste to an entire planet, how exactly does that help Hydra? I’m guessing a dead planet Earth really wouldn’t be of any use to them.

Not a bad episode. I was wondering if Will might have turned out to be the creature, but I thought him being a Hyrda double agent was more likely. I thought that was being foreshadowed when Ward seemed satisfied with Will after he observed the insignia on his jacket.

I suspect that not-Ward is going to change over to Powers Boothe, or someone else, very soon. At least, I really hope so, as I’m not looking forward to another season of Ward, whether it’s him driving or a brain parasite. One would think that the parasite would be eager to change over to a host that doesn’t look like a walking corpse.

I assumed that the portal moved around on a schedule, and opening once an hour every hour would result in random locations. They needed a location that could be reached in the time frame, that gave the team sufficient time to complete their objective, and that didn’t require them to stay so long as to require excess supplies. The 12 hour plan was probably selected because it met all those objectives and had some time margin besides. There may not have been a 24 hour location that was reachable given their constraints.

Well, if the worm got into someone with powers…with the right powers, it could certainly lay waste to a planet.

I am curious about the Inhumans in stasis being brought to the site in order to be the army… these were largely the regular folk who activated thanks to the fish oil. My thought was that the worm can spawn and infect them and have control (which works awesome with the Hydrapus iconography)… but Malick didn’t seem all that savy about what the Inhuman on the other side exactly was. I’m sure he knew more than the folk tale he told Ward.

Anyone else confused by the awkward time jump in the episode? Coulson and Fitz heading to the portal then we cut to the bridge of the ship and immediately we hear Mac give the order to destroy the castle…missiles launch and start to destroy the castle and then Andrew’s pod launches from the castle to the SHIELD plane with everyone on board. Wasn’t the pod not even in the castle? Jemma found it after escaping onto the grounds. We were left very confused.

I hope the first five minutes of the 2nd half of the season explain who and how and where everything was.

I’m also curious what the original plan was for the show. There’s some scuttlebutt that Will was supposed to play a larger part in the season but the actor didn’t gel with anyone and was troublesome on set so they course-corrected.

I think those were separate pods. The one they escaped in was there specifically for that purpose of getting out after the portal closed. It may have been only briefly shown before they used it. They used the extraction pods in the past. I don’t know if Andrew’s was a special containment pod or just a modified extraction pod.

I dont get that plot at all, myself. How did Hydra know “it” was there- no one has ever come back. Why keep sending guys if you have no idea if “it” is still there? And what use is “it” to them?