Agents of Shield: S3 E11 "Bouncing Back" 3/8/16

The team travels to Columbia to investigate a super speedster, Coulson meets the POTUS, and Fitz and Simmons reset the clock. Oh, and Ward/Hive eats some raw meat and watches TV

Pretty blah episode, not much really happened. Sure, Mack, Bobby, and Hunter were in danger at times, but no one really thought they were in danger. One new bad guy with easily defeated powers, a new Inhuman that appears bad at first but turns out to have a heart of gold. BTW, her character is referred to as “Yo-yo.” Another bleh name. Not sure I like the idea of SHIELD being officially/unofficially approved by the POTUS, but having Gen. Talbot back will be fun. I do like the relationship between him and Coulson. FitzSimmons - meh, could take it or leave it. Daisy/Lincoln - awful, no chemistry.

So far they’ve done nothing with Ward/Hive except show some killer makeup effects. Hopefully the final tease was worth something. As well as the Inhuman character they showed in the preview of next week - I assume it’s who we think it is. Overall, not very good episode. I was hoping for better after the good way they ended the first half of the season.

I guess that’s true if you don’t consider setting up as something happening.

SHIELD is now officially unofficial black-ops with the President signing off on Coulson’s leadership.

Talbot’s return- I hope we don’t get cartoon Talbot from his last few appearances.

We get more world building with the team heading to other countries to track Inhumans.
What’s Basilisk’s story? Was he a corrupt cop who gained powers or was he planted there by Hydra? Was he rescued by Hydra or captured?

Malick’s been pushed back on his heels and also doesn’t seem to be too into ZombieWard.
I liked that each time we saw ZombieWard he had more screens in his room.

I enjoyed it. Even just the exchange between Hunter, Bobbi and Mack about having super powers while looking for Yo-Yo - just what I look for in my SHIELD eps.

We’ll see where this back half of season goes…

Me too! I’m really excited for…um…That Guy. And I can’t wait to see the destruction he causes with his main power of…um…a really dangerous…um…thing…

(Who do we think it is?)

Thanks to everyone so far by not revealing what was shown in the teaser for next week. I stopped watching them years ago. I know I’m going to watch it, I don’t want to know about it in advance. When I’m reading a book, I don’t skip ahead a chapter and read a page before putting it down.

Blah episode indeed. I had trouble keeping interest in this one. I’m not happy to see Talbot return. He seemed a rigid stereotype, and not interesting at all, even though I kind of like the actor. I hope they can bring some dimension to him if he’s going to be around again. . .and I hope his mustache is revealed to be the alien parasite that it so obviously is and dealt with appropriately.

Almost forgot about the seemingly gratuitous, “Three months from now” opening. Is that supposed to be “Yo-Yo”, dead in a spaceship? There was blood, and a cross on a chain, like the one she wears. I don’t know why I needed to see that. Guess I’ll find out. I feel like I jumped ahead a chapter and read a page.

I actually liked that. We know something about where we’re going to end up, but not now we get there. Trying to figure out the roadmap from here to there is interesting. They certainly made it look like Yo-Yo, but I suspect that’s a misdirection. It may be her cross, but it could be someone carrying a gift from her (Mack?) for luck.

Yeah, I think it’s a misdirect. They left her status as “Do your own thing, but we’ll call you if we need your special powers.” And a spacecraft in orbit seems the least useful place for a superspeed agent.

The fact that we saw her cross pretty much means it’s going to be anyone but her. I’m guessing Mack. She’ll probably give it to him in the penultimate episode this season.

I think I must have dozed off several times - don’t remember talbot returning, don’t know how they screwed with Malok (but his stock prices are droppiing?) and I think they somehow allowed Hydra to swoop in and steal a guy for Ward to eat?

(spoilers - duh)

  • Talbot was announced by the POTUS in a last scene. Blink and you’d miss.

  • Stock dropping. They used the phone call with Coulson to trace the routing of the call, identifying Businesses that were really covers for Hydra bases.

  • Swoop and steal - nah, that character was Malek’s right hand Hydra guy. I think they also got the eye-freeze guy who was part of the Colombian army force.

  1. At Coulson’s meeting with the President, the prez said he would appoint a new head of ACTU, who would secretly report to Phil. Then in a video call, the prez said it would be Talbot. Talbot never actually appeared in the episode though.

  2. When Phil was on the call with Malick, he told him he was tracing the call through every location it touched. Presumably those are the businesses that are shutting down & driving down the stock price.

  3. Yeah, at the end, while they were walking through the police station with the Basilisk/Medusa (heh) guy under guard, a plane hovered over them, cut a hole in the roof, and grabbed him with a net.

But not for Ward to eat, if the previews are to be believed. It looks like they were actually recruiting or rescuing him, since he’s seen using his powers again.