Agents of Shield: S3 E12 "The Inside Man" 3/15/16

Yeah, the whole **Inhuman Rights! **by Skye is a bit much to swallow.

Yeah. This is one of the few things in the episode that rang true.

Overall everything with SHIELD this episode was kind of… stupid… I’ll say stupid.

I liked the HYDRA stuff though. Creepy weird Ward and Basilik (I’m hoping it catches on) and Gun-neto’s horror and the Hive feast were neat.

Also, Talbot’s son was just kidnapped and put into a stasis pod right, NOT an Inhuman?

Creels voice is odd. You can tell they cast him last year because of his look… and didn’t expect him to have to speak. He sounds like a normal dude.

Talbot should be out after this, Coulson looks like an idiot for forgiving him.

Another comics Secret Warrior was introduced at least by name. Eden Fesi was the Inhuman the Australians were holding.

That whole scene didn’t work for me. It was too comic book, if that’s even possible for this show.

No way. The two of them together is comic gold. A perfect Odd Couple that distrusts/hates but respects each other.

I hope we see more non-Inhuman powered people. And not just old enemies/allies.

Sort of been her character so far, though. Whatever cause she heard about last is what she is Really Into Right Now.

Can anyone explain Hydras game here?

You have some malevolent being on another planet. It eats people. You send it visitors/food now and then. You bring it back and… profit? :confused:

Hydra was apparently created solely bring WardBeing back to power. It looks like he has some natural ability to lead/control Inhumans, so they’re going to build an Inhuman army for him.

And bring him back to power helps them, how?

Well, their whole point IS to bring him to power. There is no “and then.”

Yeah! Then we’d have a State of The Ward!

[sub]I slay me[/sub]

Odd question- is there a name for their new plane base?
The Bus got destroyed, did they name this new one?

Never mind.

Presumably they are now entrenched in positions of power in Hive’s world domination scheme.

(Odd that if this was in fact Hydra’s sole purpose, it has never come up once in any of the movies stretching back over decades of history?)

I always assumed that only certain people knew about it, and not everyone bought in to it anyway. Many heads and all that. The Red Skull or Alexander Pierce may not have cared at all about Hive, they just wanted power. Malick is a true believer.

Which seems strange. Usually, bad guys are all about taking control of great power, not finding a great power to follow obediently. And Malick certainly seems like he should be more in the former camp based on his business success and the way the actor plays him.

I guess we’ll have to see if he swoops out with a Ring of Hive Controllyness at some point.

I took that to be the inspiration for the episode title.

Sparky is the inside man. Inside her.

Perhaps the next episode will start with an “unexplained” base-wide blackout and earthquake.

Meh. After the mid-season break, two episodes of randomized action in random settings with no information or plot advancement. Viewers could just jump in cold next week and all they’ll need to know is that Ward looks healthier after being locked in a room with nothing but a comfy couch and room service for several months.

So far the writers have done pretty good at staying away from an episodic format. I suspect that they’re just laying the foundation for the next story arc. Right now, it might not seem like much is going on, but somehow it all ties together and allows the next set of large events to unfold.

I have my eye on you.