Agents of Shield: S3 E13 "Parting Shot" 3/22/16

The team heads to Russia to figure out what Mallick is doing, and how to stop an Inhuman assassin.

Well, they finally split off Bunter so they can either start the spin off. Pretty contrived ending but it served its purpose. Except for the send off it didn’t advance the arch storyline much.

I liked the sendoff scene, but it could have been 1/3 as long and been just as powerful. Mack is a punching bag, he should be more of a bad ass. The US President showing up was completely stupid, that’s why he has people. Not much good dialog in this episode except for a few bits.

So is the spinoff on again? I thought it was shelved last summer.

Regardless, the best part of the episode was “Amadeus Ravenclaw Hunter.” The whole interrogation/flashback mechanism was interesting, but the payoff was incredibly weak - “You’re free to go.” I thought the move to 9PM meant they could execute Hunter, or at least toss him in the gulag for life. The super emotional “We won’t be working together anymore” ending was just over the top for the actual event.

I’m also disappointed they missed the opportunity to have a President Putin stand in. Have him beat up the Inhuman shadow with his bare hands after Mack, Bobbi and Daisy are all defeated by it.

As in the comics, nothing is really dead until you see the body. And even then, who knows? It’s back on and they’ve filmed or are filming a pilot -

I am worried where the show will go without Hunter and Bobbi. Pretty much the best thing on it besides Coulson.

I give two fucks for May and Daisy. Fitzsimmons is cute and Mack is Mack. But without these two?

They will be introducing at least one new character in the next episode, and they could make much better use of the few Inhumans they have left lying around. I think Ward/Hive and Mallick need to be made into interesting enemies and that will drive the show much more than adding new SHIELD agents.

I just had a thought , that this is going to be the show that takes over Agent Carters hiatus slot, when that show gets canceled or shelved.

I like Agents of SHIELD but this was a weak episode. Oh well, they can’t all be amazing I guess.

Or astonishing or incredible or astounding, even.

I believe it was the Prime Minister of Russia, not the president. Russia has a president and a prime minister. But yeah it would have been amusing if the VIP was a badass.

Yeah, that was awful.

True, but the PM of Russia doesn’t have nearly as much power as the President. Certainly not enough to summon the POTUS to some Siberian outpost on a whim. I think they were going for “Russian PM is the equivalent of the US President”, not “This guy is the Russian PM, and the much more powerful President is back in Moscow.”

Except when Putin was PM.

From watching it, I get the impression that the chain of events going from “I approve the filming of a spinoff series” to “Filming starts tomorrow!” was exceedingly fast. It felt like the writers had about a half day to come up with and write the script. There was no lead up to the departure, the decision to leave made no real sense on their part, and (as noted) the farewell was awfully extended out, like they didn’t have enough plot to fill the full hour.

So…I guess, oh well.

Hopefully the other show is good. Or, if it fails to take off, hopefully Agents of SHIELD will take the actors back in. It must be pretty hard on an actor to decide whether it makes more sense to stay on a successful show, or take the gamble on a spinoff but have a headlining role.

I just don’t see how the spin off will be all that different from the normal show. It’s like they are just cutting the show in half and showing both pieces.

The new show is unlikely to have many, or any, super powers. It’s intended to be more of a spy/tech/espionage with Bobbi and Hunter working for a private interest, not a government agency. Depending on how they write it, it could be very different.

Hope the spinoff is good, it could be. I think Hunter is the most relatable person to me on the show. All the others seem like comic book characters, he seems like a real person. He is also one of the funniest.

I still dont get why they had to leave SHIELD. Explain please? Isnt SHIELD a secret org, not backed by any government? :confused:

SHIELD is a US Gov’t agency (although that changes as needed in a comic book fashion) and Coulson was appointed by the President personally. It’s not for public consumption, which is why the Bunter storyline doesn’t make too much sense, but the Russian leader demanded some sort of penalty.

It’s all a MacGuffin to spawn a new show. It would be nicer if it hung together logically, but it really doesn’t.

Ignore the man behind the curtain! :mad:


The President essentially reinstated SHIELD as a secret organization working behind the ATCU.

The impression I had was that in order to placate Russia, the President needed SHIELD to cut ties with Bobbi and Hunter. I think the Russian PM even said a line to the effect of “I’m not coming out of this with nothing.” The President gets to say “Hey those were two rogue agents and me and an US governmental organization have nothing to do with it.” But everyone knows it is a lie, but they’ll play along for peace-sake. That’s why that nervous looking guy was shadowing them in the bar. He’s there to make sure they aren’t up to something and to make sure they just don’t go back to SHIELD. And if they ever were caught again while working with SHIELD, Russian has something on the US. (I imagine Russia would put the word out and say "if you ever catch these two doing spy stuff, hand them over to us and we’ll pay you handsomly)
The assumption is that Bobbi and Hunter will be tracked the rest of their lives and are in danger should they get back into espionage. I assume that will be part of the engine that drives their show. Their pilot may open with some Better Call Saul style scenes of them working mundane jobs in Wichita and being bored out of their minds when…