Agents of SHIELD: S3 E14 "Watchdogs" 3/29/16

A vigilante group called “The Watchdogs” is destroying secret ATCS bases with advanced technology, possibly being led by a former SHIELD agent. Daisy is getting more extreme in her actions, Mack visits his little brother.

Not a bad episode, a little disjointed in my mind, but one that set the scene for some episodes to come. The Watchdogs seem like a Trump analogy almost. The masks are awful and should just be forgotten.

I found the Daisy plotline pretty good, someone doing rough things that she feels are needed for the greater good. It was echoed in holo-Blake’s conversation with Coulson, about everyone involved is doing bad things. Trying to pick out the “good guys” depends on what your goals are.

Mack’s little brother did nothing for me. I really hope they don’t bring him back. Loved the shotgun-axe. Glad they are bringing back Lash but how in the world does Simmons know that Andrew is still undergoing teregenisis? Not sure I care to see May getting all soft about “hope”.

The Lincoln/Coulson interactions were good, not great. Coulson is written very unevenly and it gets on my nerves. Not sure I pictured Coulson putting Lincoln through that, but maybe it makes sense.

Agree on all counts. The Lincoln test felt weird - he has a problem with going too far, so Coulson tells him to…go too far? Would’ve assume it would be in the opposite direction.

Anyone else recognize Mac’s brother as Smash from Friday Night Lights?

Per a write-up on io9, this episode was invested in building out a couple of characters to fill in the spaces left by Bobbi and Hunter’s exit. I like Mac and am Meh on Linc - and that’s about how I felt about their character development - Mac’s worked, Linc’s not so much.

The Watchdog group - interesting; yeah, a bit close to the Populist upset happening.

And yes, how do we know Andrew is “still going through teragenesis” - ??? That hit me, too.

I thought that it was established in AoS canon that Inhumans who have competed terregenesis can’t switch back and forth between their old form and new physical forms; I may be misremembering.

No, but I recognized him as the intern from Grey’s Anatomy, that they wrote off to follow Yang to Germany, or wherever the hell she went.

Someone who would be able to authoritatively state that did do so. I don’t remember who. (Lincoln maybe?) Once you’ve fully gone over, you’re stuck as whatever you are, no switching.

Yes, it was Lincoln who stated that in the “Chaos Theory” episode, when they all figured out that Andrew was Lash.

Good to know. I assume this will give Daisy reasons to doubt her strong objections to the Inhuman vaccine. There’s no way she can object to using it to save Andrew or at least render him harmless.

I’m assuming that’s why they’re doing the whole the “Inhumans Über Alles” plot with her. I absolutely expect her to protest using the vaccine against Andrew.

Anyone catch the shout-out to Daredevil? On the news report, the scrawl at the bottom mentioned the gang war in Hell’s Kitchen.

Good catch!

I say this not as a spoiler, but as a human who watches tv and knows who created this show.

I’m gonna be REAL sad when they kill off Mac sometime in the future because I love the shit out of his character

From everything I’ve read, Joss doesn’t have much involvement in this show. He’s stated clearly that Coulson is dead in the Avengers movies. But I agree, it would be a shame to kill of Mack just to stir the pot.

They already killed a black guy on the show…I hope they don’t go to that well again. Mac

I liked introducing another comics bad-guy organization with the Watchdogs. The masks were a good comic booky effort, but they didn’t work. I would have gone for a more realistic version of their comic look- with chest armor that had the doghead logo and then some kind of simpler helmet mask.

It’s true he said Coulson is still dead in the movies, but he’s not directing or writing the next 2 Avengers. If the true god of the MCU Kevin Feige wants Coulson back in the movies, it will happen.

Besides, it’s a little hypocritical of Whedon to complain that AoS brought Coulson back to life when he did direct and write the first episode.

Lots of MCU references in this one. There were two or three references to the Avengers. I’m assuming that weapon based on Howard Stark’s tech was introduced in Agent Carter? Also, Daisy made a comment about “Damage Control” cleaning up at the end.

This episode did nothing for me, but I might be jaded after reading this review of Parting Shot.

Yes, nitramine was straight from Season 1 of Agent Carter - they imploded a Roxxon factory to the size of a shed, IIRC.

I was just rewatching the last season again and noticed that the sendoff of Trip was a lot less dramatic/poignant than Bobbi and Hunter’s, even though they didn’t die.

Loved Fitz’s line “It’s a building” to Mack.

Mac is safe, he’s not happily married.

Yep. It was out of character for the show, and all it means is more of the Skye is a precious butterfly scenes.