Agents provocateur

These were put to use by the powers that were at the 1968 Democratic convention. And they were used quite well.

Is it possible that the pubbies will try the same thing at the RNC next week?

I hope not, but it could create headlines that could benefit the pubbies. And I wouldn’t put anything past Rove.

Could this be on the table?


Damn, now I’ve got the song “Red Tape” in my head.

Or, conversely, REAL left wing nutballs might try and crash the RNC. Or did you not consider that possibility??


I suppose it’s a possibility, but what would the reward be? And the potential backlash: city wide riot? Not worth it. They’ve already got the Free Speech Zone set so far back that it’s probably in New Jersey. It’s one thing to use APs at the WTO where people think it may or may not be a bad thing, but hey, there’s crazy anarchists so anyone who now disagrees with the WTO are lumped in with them (in the average person’s mind). Who are they going to blame for troubles at the RNC? Nader?

Dammit, I thought this was going to be a thread about lingerie.