Aglarond's Thank You Thread

I’m sorry for the long delay in keeping you all updated, but I haven’t had a whole lot of energy lately. First, for those of you who don’t really know what’s happened, I’m going to give you a quick history of my problem.

About a year ago, I started having really bad stomach cramps. They would last for a day or so, and then go away. Sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months. But, they became more and more frequent the further along I went. At several times the pain was bad enough that I went to the hospital. 4 times I was pretty much ignored and sent away, the doctors telling me that it would clear itself up in a couple of days. Since about mid-December, I’ve been in constant pain. I never really complained about it, because I kind of became used to it. Sometimes every hour, or 30 minutes, or what have you, the pain would intensify. I’d be walking down the halls at work and suddenly fall to the floor crumpled in pain. These were my good days. Sometimes the pain was bad enough that I couldn’t even go to work. At this point, my doctor discovered acid reflux and decided that was the cause of my problems. He was wrong.

Anyway, on Friday, the 9th, the pain was so bad, I couldn’t even walk. I had to call my dad at 6am to drive over an hour to come pick me up and drive me to the hospital. I decided on a different hospital this time, hoping not to be blown off. I got called in about 9 and they started running real tests. Unable to find anything, they started asking around the hospital. By chance, one of the best surgeons any of the doctors knew happened to be in the building checking on a patient. He came down, checked my symptoms and order a CT scan.

It was at this point they discovered some kind of mass in my lower intestine. I’ve never been so scared in my life as I was at that moment. There was no way to tell whqat it was without going in. The surgeon got a couple of other specialists gathered up and they had me in surgery in less than an hour.

When I came to, I found they had removed about a foot of my lower intestine along with a mass the size of a baseball. The doctors had no idea how I could even drive, much less walk and go to work. It was 4 days before the pathology came in and I found out it was Crohn’s, and not cancer.

After 11 days in the hospital, I was released, and I’ve been staying with my parents ever since. The pain is bearable now, but I’m still having to use the Vicadin(good stuff). Not as good as the morphine, but I’m not complaining. And, now that I know I have Crohn’s, I’ll be able to keep it under control.

So, now, the real point of this email. Thank yous in no particular order. I hope I got all of this straight. I apologize if I mess up anywhere in here. I was pretty out of it.:

Grace - Thank you for the flowers and balloons. My Mom very much appreciated the books and food. She was pretty stressed out. She also wanted me to let you know that she looks a lot better now that she’s not in the hospital 12 hours a day.

JimB - Thanks for the balloon, plants, and the stuffed dog. I amassed quite a collection of stuffed animals while in there for some reason. Unfortunately, I may never be able to drink a beer with you again. But, we’ll see.

Zyada - Thank you for the plants and more balloons. We had our own little adventure trying to get the balloons through the hospital to the car. They caused a few problems in the elevator that had to be overcome. :slight_smile:

Rocking Chair - It was a while before I could read the book(‘Wanted: Dumb or Alive’) because I was afraid to laugh those first couple of days. It hurt was too much and I really was afraid of busting stitches. I have enjoyed it over the last couple of days, though.

Scotticher - Luckily, I’d moved into a private room, or I wouldn’t have had enough room for all the plants. I had my own little nursery going in there. It was greatly appreciated.

I’m sorry I can’t thank everybody personally. There’s just too many. Grace had printed out the get well thread JimB started and brought it to me in the hospital. It was a laugh I really needed at the time. I really wanted to thank all of you for your prayers and words of encouragement. I’ve had a lot of help getting through this, and hopefully I’ll be able to return the favors in the future.

Well. I’m getting kind of tired, so I’m going to get out of here. Thank you all again. I should be back on the boards more regularly in the future as I get my strength back up.

Aglarond! Glad to see you back.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve been dealing with a similar situation for several years now, so I can sympathize with you.

Here’s to hoping you get well ASAP.

Hey, Aglarond it’s really great to see you back!

Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Here’s hoping that you’re back to 100% before long.

Ag, so good to hear from you again. Grace and I were talking a few minutes ago about who was going to post an update on how you were doing from the little bit we had found out. I think we decided Grace was suppose to, but I’m never really sure.

Anyhow, glad you are doing better and keep hanging in there. And let us here how you are doing.

And, I’ll drink your beer for you, just get well enough to come to a family gathering soon.


{{{Aglarond}}} Yeee haaa! You saved me from having to do an update. I tried to talk JimB into doing it, but he said I had to do it. Now that you’ve posted, it really isn’t necessary for me to give the Balance-like summary of my conversation with your mom today.

I’m especially happy that you’re feeling better. Must be to have taken a little time to come here and post. I admit that I was very worried about you…especially after I saw you in the hospital. You looked really frail and I heard the little clicks from the morphine pump. I spent most of my time talking to your mom because I was worried that I’d drive you to over-medicate yourself. :smiley:

Now, that wouldn’t take a much convincing.

Oh, wait, you were talking about something else.


I’m glad that you’re back and okay. One the plus side, your Dune DVD should be waiting for you when you get home.

It’s good to have you back, Ag. I’ve been missing you–I almost posted to a bathroom thread on your behalf the other day. Fair warning: Now that you’re strong enough to post again, I once more consider you fair game for teasing and jokes. You just have to recover enough to come to another gathering, so I can gather new material.

Bezoar…such an interesting word… :smiley:

it’s good to see you posting again. i was a bit concerned about your stitches as well. i’m glad to hear it is safe to laugh again.

Glad to hear you’re up and about, and finally have some relief from your ailment. Too bad about the beer, though.

AS JimB pointed ut, there are more than enough D/FW Dopers to take up the slack.


I am so HAPPY to hear from you, and to hear that you are doing so much better!

Keep healing, keep smiling and come back to us 100% as soon as you can.

[sub]and you are VERY welcome for the dish garden[/sub]


Best hugs-


Welcome back, Aglarond, and best of luck to you. I dated someone at uni who had Crohn’s, along with some of the other things that can complicate it. I know you’ll be in much bett-ah condition now that you know the beastie yer dealin’ with. Take care…