Aguecheek gets another letter from The Man (Immigration-Wise)

And I quote:

This is the last one. For three years now, I have filled out paperwork, sent in clarifications, written cheques, stood in line and followed deadlines. I. Am. Done.

And the best part was, they didn’t screw this one up at all! I submitted my petition back in April, got a letter saying I should hear from them in 4-6 months, and that was it. No demands for more evidence, no letters sent to my old address, nada.

Of course, I will have to get a new green card, and should I decide to take my citizenship, there’ll be new forms to fill out. But I don’t care. If I wanted to stop now, I could. And, for a little while at least…I think I will.

I am no longer beholden!


Why was it conditional? It’s the facial hair, isn’t it?

'Twasn’t the facial hair, thankyouverymuch. In fact, every letter I’ve received from them has included a postscript that said “Love the beard!”


I’m not sure where you are in the whole process, but after your AOS, people who came down on a K-1 are put on a conditional, probationary, status for two years. If you get divorced, unless you can come up with a very good reason for doing so, they can revoke your status and send you home. You’re responsible for sending in the petition to remove the conditional status. They don’t send any reminders or anything. Mark the due date on your calendar the second they give it to you.

But now, I can get divorced all the time! Of course, if I plan some kind of terrorist act, or start my own drug ring or something, they’ll kick me out. But hey, I said I wouldn’t and I’ll stick by my word.

[sub]Of course, I have absolutely no plans to get divorced. I’m just no longer subject to the whims and wherefores of Immigration![/sub]

Your disclaimer is noted, but just FTR, getting divorced now could still screw you up when and if you decided to apply for citizenship.

Congratulations, though.

Congratulations! Now you can stay in the U.S. forever! Doesn’t that make you happy?!

Asylum is an evil, evil man.

While I was away, the BCIS sent a letter stating that I was to have my EAD appointment on the 22nd. I didn’t arrive home until yesterday - the 24th. Dave saw the envelope too late, and called me about it, then tried to reschedule for me, but they don’t take phone calls. I had to write a letter when I arrived home.

What a pain. I want this to be done.

Well well, Aguecheek, official welcomes to the US of A. You’re officially in, so now for the official initiation.
What? They didn’t tell you about the initiation?!

OK. Get naked, and go stand in front of the 7-11. The Committee will be there in half an hour.

Goodness, again? I thought that was the one for getting my green card. Hm. My pledge pin better be in the mail like they said it was, or I’m gonna be ticked.

Asylum, as long as there’s people like you still here, I ain’t never gonna want to leave. Baby. :smiley:

ruadh, thanks for the heads up; I’ll definitely have to be a tad more circumspect in my joking for a while longer…

And Ginger, you’re almost there and soon it’ll seem like a really long, realistic, bad dream. Keep watching the skies!