Ah, the innocence of children

Disclaimer: Noone involved in the story is a racist at all, so no super freak outs. Got it?

So my daughter gets out of the bath, gets dressed for bed, and comes back into Me and Alias’ bedroom. She throws her towel on Alias’ head and starts singsonging “towel head towel head towel head.”

Alias and I share a look somewhere between :eek: and :smiley: and Alias busts out laughing. Daughter of course has no idea what she is saying and why the situation is so funny. All she knows is that “towel head” is getting huge laughs, so she keeps right on doing it.

“Towel head towel head. You are a towel head. Don’t take that. That’s my towel for towel head day.”

At this point, Alias and I are in tears laughing, rolling around, and clutching our sides. Eventually we get a grip and explain to her why she can never say that again. Still, it was funny as hell for a minute. :smiley:

Another quick anecdote involving a child and the unexpected use of the word “towel”.

I recently visited my two year old niece- as did sufficient other family members that we spent the night in a nearby motel. When my niece was told that we were spending the night in the motel, she said " I want to sleep at the towel, too". She was not permitted to do so.

So, has your daughter been exposed to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” yet? :smiley:

As a matter of fact, she has! I don’t think she made the connection, though.

You are absolutely right to tell her not to use the term “towelhead”.

It does upset the Al-Queda folks when they are called that, because they have taken precious time away from their car bomb making to explain that they don’t wear towels on their heads. What they wear is made from bedsheets.

The correct term to use is “sheethead”.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Last Friday, my eight-year-old niece asked me if me and Uncle Andy are trying to get pregnant every day. I chuckled.

(It would be funnier if she had any inkling as to how a woman gets pregnant, other than “you have to be married and God decides when you get pregnant.”)

I kid I used to babysit for years ago (taller than me now, with a deeper voice and a longer beard) once put a cooking pot on his head like a helmet, and ran around the house yelling, “I’m a pothead! I’m a pothead!”
Awwww … so cute - and prescient!

Ah kids…

On Saturday I was in the grocery store with my two boys (5 and 4) and the 4-year-old tromped throughout the store singing Jimmy Crack Corn continuously.

It was so cute I didn’t have the heart to tell him to stop.

Upon discussing food with Little Case, and explaining that in different countries people eat different things, some people don’t eat certain things, for example many Indians don’t eat cows: {anxiously - he likes his steak} “Are we Indian?”

Try harder next time.

It was supposed to be funny, or just offensive?

It certainly wasn’t funny. There wasn’t even a germ of a joke hidden in there.

And it’s spelled “al Qaeda.”

I thought the “sheethead” line was kinda funny…in a bad joke sorta way…
Okay. I’ll go hang my head in shame now. :frowning:

was that the normal version, or the Futurama version

Fry crack corn and I don’t care
Leela crack corn i still don’t care
Bender crack corn and he is great
take that you stupid corn

or another related comment…

“If jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why does he keep doing it?”

I thought it was funny. sorry.

I thought it was funny also.

Mark me in the “funny” column as well.

We don’t want want to offend any terrorists, that would be wrong. :rolleyes:

:rolleyes: I’m not worried about offending terrorists. It just wasn’t funny.