Ah, to ride around on a sunny day...

Yes, finally! I had the day off today (Ascension Day), and by some pure miracle, it was a sunny 25 degrees Celcius. So, I headed out on my motorbike to cruise the country roads around Amsterdam.

It was marvelous. Sure, it was also freakin’ hot wearing full protective biker gear, but safety first and all that. As long as you keep your speed up, you get enough ride wind anyway. :smiley:

Rode around for about 4 hours, stopping here and there to enjoy the countryside. Sure, it’s a weird little country where rain dominates the climate, but on these few days that the sun DOES come out, it can be marvelous as well. Check out this cute little windmill I encountered. How stereotypically Dutch! :slight_smile:

But I couldn’t pass it up. Did I mention how much my new digital camera kicks ass? That thing makes me look like a pro photographer sometimes. Great investment!

Anyway, that’s as mundane as it’s gonna get. “I had a great ride today.” :slight_smile:

Ya know, I’m a city girl but if for some reason I couldn’t live in an urban environment, I’d want to live in the country.

I’m a tad jealous, Coldfire. Nice pic, too.

Lucky you! My bike is on the sidelines right now while I gather enough money for a couple of new helmets, insurance, and inspection. I’m hoping to have it on the road before the end of June.

Of course, the way the weather has been over here lately I don’t know if that’ll matter. Why, the sun peeked out for about an hour yesterday and all my children were out running around shouting “what’s that strange light up in the sky?”

It sounds like you had a nice ride, though. Good deal.

So that’s where the sun went.

Are you sure this isn’t just an excuse to show off your bike? :wink:

I need one of them licence plates like you got! (Yellow, I mean) That would look good on the RZ.

Send one my way if you come across one, will ya?

The buck doesn’t even slow down here.

Well, it’s hardly a Ducati, Globie. :slight_smile:

And if I didn’t include the bike in the picture, I might as well have stolen a picture off the Dutch Tourist Agency’s website, or something. At least this way, my story is verifiable! Well, of course I erased the license plate, as motorbikes tend to get nicked quite easily.

If anybody wants some sun, I would be more than happy to give them some of ours. Arizona has far more than its fair share, it would be a grave disservice for us to hog all of it.

Consider this:

  1. It hit 110 yesterday here. May 28th. 110.

  2. Go to weather.com and enter Phoenix and just see how much sun we have…

I miss having a winter…and an autumn. We pretty much have summer for about 7 months of the year (April through October), and spring for the remaining 5, with maybe a small hint of autumn.

Well, it’ll be 27 degrees Celcius here today. Not exactly 110 Fahrenheit (more like… high 80’s?), but it’s hot for our standards. I wouldn’t mind another ride day like yesterday, but alas, I’m stuck in zee office.

I’m out of town most of this weekend, although I could feasibly do that on the bike, instead of in the car. However, it would be mostly highway riding, which isn’t that much fun as zipping along twisty country roads.

You weren’t by any chance on tonight’s episode of Dave Attel’s Insomniac, were you? He was in Amsterdam, seeing the sights, drinking the beers, smoking the…um, anyway. I was shocked and stunned at the number of Yanks living there. I even knew who Tom Rhodes was!

Yeah, there’s tons of Americans here. Hard to make an estimate, but I’d say at least about 20,000 to 30,000. On a population of 750,000, that’s quite substantial. They’re vastly outnumbered by the Brits, though: we have some 60,000 of those. Tom Rhodes… the guy who does the late night show, right?

What - you got a day of sunshine??

I’m so jealous, Coldie. Could you send one over to the mid-Atlantic? We’ve had a solid month of rain and overcast. (Literally. The National Weather Service says our last clear day was 4/28.)

25° C is 77° F.
27° C is 80.6° F.
43.3° C. is 110° F.

And folks, don’t believe Coldie when he says 27° is hot by their standards. The wife and I were over in Clog-Land in mid-June last year, so we’re talking essentially the same time of year. It was in the low to mid 30s C. (that was 88-93° F.) the whole time. And we were staying just a few km from where Coldie spent his wild, misspent youth, too. :slight_smile:

I’m anxious to get out on the roads on 2 wheels too, although I’m talking bicycle, rather than motorcycle. Oh, for a dry day…

Well, dayum.

If that ain’t the sun, rising over the trees across the road, into a clear blue sky.

And I took the day off, too. :slight_smile:

Coldie, thanks for using your Moderator Powers[sup]TM[/sup] to send us a sunny day. I don’t know how you did it, but you rock. :wink:

I am also a city-girl but I could not stand to live in the country… I realised the other day that the countryside does not have a tube when I was invited to a party in Somerset where-ever that may be.

It’s a nice day here today, very humid, but apparently the hottest day of the year so far.

  • lately, I’ve found myself living in cities so big it’s a looong way to the small and twisty backroads.

Beautiful picture - and it looks like someone has been polishing up his bike! Looks pretty darn good.

Heh, little do YOU know, mr Norman. It’s shiny from afar, but it’s got a nice crust of dead bugs at the front, and it’s filthy as all hell apart from the plastics. :smiley:

RTF, low to mid 30’s is TROPICAL for the Netherlands, and yeah, you had a hot summer here last year! Trust me, it was exceptional, though. And the sun coming out? Don’t mention it! It’s the least I could do. :wink: