I think we should all take a Sela Ward moment.

OK, back to reality.

Since the line is short and therefore I won’t be inconveniencing anyone, I’ll take two. Thanks.

Well, if you two get to take a Sela Ward moment, then I want an Antonio Banderes moment. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand. I take a Sela Ward moment daily, as I’m sure you do.

But why are we changing the time? This is normally a bedtime thing, like prayers, no?

Are those my only two choices? I tried a Sela Ward moment, but somehow I don’t feel more relaxed. My Antonio Banderos moment only succeeded in making me a little grumpy.

Why don’t I try a David Boreanaz moment, and I’ll be back to you in, ahem, an hour or so…

I usually only take Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson moments, although if I have time, I occasionally take a Geraint Wyn Davies moment.

Umm … how did you know it only lasted a moment?

Uh, never mind. Forget I was ever here.

I personally enjoy Sean Connery moments daily, but when I’m feeling particularly momenty, I like to add Harrison Ford. The Ford/Connery combo makes for a truly excellent moment.

I assume that you own the third Indiana Jones movie then? Or have you worn it out?

Worn out. :smiley:

Enough of this extraneous meandering…can we get back to Sela please?

mmmmmmm…thank you.

I’d like to propose a Russell Crowe moment.

All the ladies of the board are welcome to take a Xizor moment whenever they like :smiley:

I have a picture of Wolverine on my 'puter at work so I can take a Hugh Jackman moment at will.

I would like to take a Drew Barrymore moment.
That was nice.