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Many people have joked in the past about having a “list” of certain people for whom they would immediately put everything except their libido on hold.

Well, perhaps it is time for the erasers to be put in use.

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley are breaking up!

Myself, my list consists of ten names. With the sudden availability of Liz Hurley I’ve had to erase Heather Graham. This leaves my list at:

  1. Elizabeth Shue - Been nuts about her for years.
  2. Britney Spears - I don’t care that she’s only 18, she’s a temptress.
  3. Kathy Ireland - Swimsuit Edition. Puberty. Nuff Said.
  4. Rebecca Gayheart - It’s gotta be the hair.
  5. Debra Messing - Again, it’s gotta be the hair.
  6. Elizabeth Hurley - Oh…My…God…
  7. Salma Hayek - Yowza.
  8. Kelly Preston - Ever since “Twins”.
  9. Lisa Kudrow - I just don’t know why.
  10. Sarah Michelle Gellar - She’s so wholesome looking.

Who do you have on your list?

I figure that with Hugh Grant now available, lists of men count as well.

Those ladies who include me on their list earn double brownie points. Men only earn single. :smiley:

Haven’t a clue why, but “My List” clipped from the topic. Sowwy, folks.

Hmmm Let’s see… movie stars we would love to boink :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta love it…
<in no particular order…>

1> Russell Crowe <nuff said>
2> Kevin Costner <Hey, were going on looks, not talent, so shush>
3> John Travolta <it’s gotta be the eyes and dimples. Anyone who dances so fine as got to be talented in other areas>
4> Matt Perry <yes, the one from Friends. Makes me laugh SO hard… and that’s a big turn on>
5> Mel Gibson <the man is as close to face perfection as you can get>
6> Ben Affleck <ok, he is too young, but hey…>
7> Sean Connery < Men should ALL look that good and be that classy when they are that age. Can’t you just hear him whispering your name… WHOA>
8> Hugh Grant <unconventional looks, but has a killer smile and have you SEEN Knotting Hill? SWOON>
9> Kevin Spacey < There is just SOMETHING about the guy that makes my toes curl>
10> Robbie Williams <ok, he is a singer… but he HAD to be on my list somewhere. The video “Angels” is my favorite video/song and is just killer.>

All in all this is fun… but I have someone even BETTER in mind :wink:

My pre-Gladiator list was quite different. My post-Gladiator list is as follows:

  1. Russell Crowe
  2. Russell Crowe
  3. Russell Crowe
  4. Russell Crowe
  5. Russell Crowe
  6. Russell Crowe
  7. Russell Crowe
  8. Russell Crowe
  9. Russell Crowe
  10. Russell Crowe

( I haven’t been hit this hard since puberty, I don’t think. I practically salivate in the grocery store lines when they have ol’ Maximus on the magazine covers. Damn, that was a good movie.)

Horny Mr. Cynical?

In no particular order:

Christina Ricci
Michelle Pfieffer
Sherelynn Fenn
Tori Amos
Monique Powell
Brittney Spears
Laura Flynn Boyle
Gwen Stephani
Dominique Swain

First: BURN!!! You back!!! happy dance


  1. Michael Biehn (Hicks in Aliens. DAMN, that man is fine.
  2. Val Kilmer
  3. Ben Affleck
  4. Hugh Grant
  5. Daniel Day-Lewis
  6. Rusell Crowe (should we set up a schedule, ladies?)
  7. Anthony Starke (He was in the TV Show * Magnificent Seven.* One of the BEST sets of pecs I’ve ever seen…and the pants he wore in that show…drool
  8. Chris Noth (used to be on Law & Order)
  9. Andre Braugher (Pembleton on Homicide)
  10. This one is a tie. Dave Matthews OR Stefan Lessard from Dave Matthews Band. Dave because of that voice…swoon, and Stefan because he is an AWESOME bass player and a hottie to boot.

That girl on the cover of “44-D Amateur Virgin Hooker Lactating Lolita Madam from Sweden” . After watching the movie 5,337 times (in short spurts), I finally noticed the girl on the cover wasn’t in the movie. Rip-off!

And Cheers!

Ok, I’ll play too.

The temperature has risen in my apt on many occasion when these men appear on the boob tube.

  1. Matthew Macaunahy- ok so maybe I can’t spell it, but really who cares WHAT his name is.
  2. Brad Pitt- The old stand by, but ever since Legends of the Fall I was hooked.
  3. Keanu Reeves- That face!
  4. Antonio Banderas-mmmmm, nothing like a latin lover to spice things up.
  5. Brendan Frasier- Just adorable.
  6. Denzel Washington- The picture of pure class and romance.
  7. Harry Connick, Jr.- Yes, he acts. Boyishly charming.
  8. Mel Gibson- He’s up there in age a bit, but looks damn good, and he gets points for an accent.
  9. Angelina Jolie- She’s just too gorgeous.
  10. Kevin Spacey-Very sensual and attractive to top it off.

Here’s my idea of a good time :

  1. Robert Carlyle
  2. Liam Neeson
  3. Ewan MacGregor (sp?)
  4. Gabriel Byrne
  5. Daniel Day-Lewis
  6. Russell Crowe
  7. Guy Pearce
  8. Alan Rickman
  9. Kenneth Branagh
  10. Colin Firth

Do you see a pattern here? :wink:

  1. Seth Green. (Sigh…)
  2. Manu Intiraymi, who plays Icheb on Voyager. (That is, assuming it would be legal. I don’t know how old he is, although he looks my age or maybe a bit younger.)
  3. Julian Sands.
  4. Garrett Wang.
  5. Alexander Siddig, especially after we got to see him nekkid in the DS9 series finale.
  6. Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys, probably the oldest man I would rabidly pursue.
  7. Rupert Everett.
  8. Jack Davenport.
  9. Matt Damon.
  10. Robert Duncan McNeill.

Lets see my list…

1 Russell Crowe (I get first in line. Ladies I fell for him BEFORE Gladiator came out. Ever see The Quick and The Dead? If not see it)
2 Val Kilmer (Remember the movie Willow and Madmartigan? drools)
3 Mel Gibson (Absolutely gorgeous and any man who has an accent and looks that good in a kilt mmmmm)
4 Sean Connery (the accent gotta love the accent)
5 Kevin Costner (I liked him in Dances With Wolves haven’t seen any of his other work though)
6 Michael T Weiss (Ever watch Pretender? He looks his best when he’s bad)
7 Michael Madsen (I like the dark looking guys)
8 Kevin Richardson (Yes I know hes in the BSB but he is hot. He even looks good in a skirt)
9 Harrison Ford (He still looks pretty good at his age)
10 Nicholas Cage (I don’t know what it is about him…)

Ooo…famous people I’d like to do…great topic!

Let’s see…I cannot possibly limit this to 10:

Hugh Grant
Alan Rickman
Brad Pitt
John Rzeznik (lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls)
Chris Isaak
Keanu Reeves
Gabriel Byrne
Joseph Fiennes
Tori Amos
Matt Damon
Ryan Stiles
the woman who plays Ling on Ally McBeal
Gil Bellows
Kevin Spacey

hmm…it’s getting a bit warm in here…

In no particular order

Angie Everhart <Red heads are evil>
Jenny McCarthy <ever since the first Playboy>
Kelly Preston <the best part about Jerry Maguire>
Daniella Pestova <ever seen that Levi’s Cutoffs commercial?>
Heidi Klum <flawless>
Tea Leoni <eyes and legs>

Theres more but alot of them are some typical porn/swimsuit models, others are Miss Fitness America contestants, and sometimes a pretty face I see on the street.

YUCK!!! Hugh Grant is so nasty looking! And he’s so irritating! He looks like he has Down Syndrome or something, for one thing… and he just acts like a total idiot dork.

Anyway, my list is as follows:
Brendan Fraser
Sebastian Spence
Dennis Quaid
Richard Dean Anderson

Ashley Judd- Far far far and away the number one pick, shes is just so… sultry, sweet, hot… very nice work.

heres the rest-
-Laetitia Casta, unconventional face, Hot body
-Catherine Zeta Jones, guess she goes for the older guys but i could change her mind…
-Katie Holmes- from Dawsons Creek. sweet innocent girl next door
-Macy Gray- visually, shes ok, but anyone who sings like that …
-Heather Graham- how could anyone put Liz Hurley ahead of Roller Girl?
-Heidi Klum- nuf said
-Jennifer Aniston- do they really keep the sets cold, or is she just happy?
-Lara Flynn Boyle- don’t get why shes with Jack but shes hot
-Reese Witherspoon

[li]Sean Connery…what can I say? He’s a classic![/li][li]Gavin Rossdale…lead singer of Bush, yummy![/li][li]Jude Law…the guy nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Can he be any more beautiful?[/li][li]Dennis Miller[/li][li]Jon Stewart[/li][li]Matthew McConaughey[/li][li]Gabriel Byrne[/li][li]Pierce Brosnan[/li][li]Dermott Mulroney (sp?)[/li]Craig Kilbourne

(in no particular order)

Mel Gibson
Harrison Ford
Kurt Russell
Ray Liotta
Richard Dean Anderson
Dennis Quaid
Russell Crowe
Collin Raye
Clint Black
Patrick Swayze

Russell Crowe–see Proof if you haven’t.

Michael Madsen–always sexy.

Kate Winslet–Heavenly Creatures.

Kevin Spacey–the most captivating man in the world.

Sean Connery–no comment needed.

Ashley Judd–absolutely gorgeous.

Brendan Fraser–I don’t know what it is about him…

Val Kilmer–greatest lips and eyes.

John Malkovich–intense and intriguing.

Jason Lee–something about this guy, probably why I love Kevin Smith films!!

so many votes for Russel Crowe…does anyone remember him in “Proof” and “The Sum of Us” – these were apparently the first movies i saw of him.

now to my list: Johnny Depp :wink: Brad Pitt :wink: Ethan Hawke :wink: Russel Crowe :wink:

i’ll give Crowe a few extra points for having the same nationality as me… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh…River Pheonix was cute too… :stuck_out_tongue: