Ahhh Bra & Genie Bra the same thing?

If they’re different, what’s the difference?

I like watching the infomercials (so sue me), but even while the women are raving about “support,” the goods look saggy to me.

Anyone have either of these? Like them?

Wow, I just googled both of those. No way in hell would I wear those, other than maybe if I suddenly (for the first time ever) decided I wanted a sleep bra.

I don’t really see a way for either to have great support. Granted, I just opened the website for each one and looked at the pictures on the main page. But I can’t see how they have enough fittedness or structure to them. And if the model’s boobs look all splayed out horizontally, I really doubt anyone else’s boobs are gonna look better.

Here are some complaints about the Genie bra: http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/genie-bra-c443269.html