Ahhh, how I adore the satisfying 'whif' of a new pair of cords...

I have new chocolate brown gap cords.

I’m ‘whifing’ all over the place.


Argggh!! I hate that whif’ing corduroy noise! Can’t stand them. It’s like there’s some pillock walking behind me with a sound box taking the piss.

I’ll stick with my non-textured pants thank you.


I love it deeply.

It reminds me of elementary school oh so many years ago.

I have a pair of cords on order - they should arrive by Monday or so. Yay!

I haven’t had a pair of corduroy pants in eons.

Just watch out for badgers. :smiley:


A friend of mine made himself (yes, made, yes, himself) a pair of cords.

In lime-green.

He’s my hero. He really is.

Wow. Lime green cords are almost too cool for school.