AI generated obituary

I just read this and thought it was funny so I’m passing it on.

It’s an obituary written by an AI program.

Brenda Tent retired from living at the age of old, surrounded by family and natural causes. A librarian from birth, Brenda was an avid collector of dust. She had a sweet heart and married her high school. She loved having hobbies and helping her sons to be disadvantaged youths. She had no horses but thought she did. The church gave her a choir because she sang like bird and looked like bird and Brenda was a bird. She owed us so many poems.

The funeral will be held in 1977 at heaven. In lieu of flowers, send Brenda more life.

That seems too coherent, well-written, and funny to be raw AI output.

(I took the fragment “Brenda Tent retired from living at the age of old” and submitted it to one AI and got this.)

Brenda Tent retired from living at the age of old with a very small number of surviving relatives of which she speaks the name of a retired former college student. She is now one of the most eloquent, beautiful and, of course, quite charming women on the national stage today. In the years leading up to her death a number of other famous women like Dorothy Day, Rita Hayworth, Dorothy Rose Baker and Susan Stevens were all listed here with many, many of their names being immortalized as she left her home on 8 December 1980. She never forgot. The last one to die in this world was Mary Ann Stokes. That is one of the great figures in American history known as the last woman to die in the national memory. Mary Ann died in October 1983, just weeks after President Reagan won the election. We do not know where this remarkable woman was when she died, but her last words will forever be forever remembered. She took the stage at the 1992 New York Democratic Convention and announced her resignation for good. The last one ever to stand before the media was Dorothy O’Toole of Greenville, South Carolina who was assassinated during the Democratic Convention as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mary Ann said of the time, “I knew I had to be here, but I always felt like I had to do something, something to give me the power of the presidency.” Today Mary Ann’s name is almost universally used in support of her cause.

Gee, I got crap out of that link. I submitted a brief biography of myself and got:

“His mother’s family went to church to remember Dennis.”

AI and poor language translations can be so hilarious.

I don’t know, I kinda like mine.

I fed it “Shannon enjoyed writing and she ate a lot of chocolate” (I’m Shannon) and it spit out:

Shannon enjoyed writing and she ate a lot of chocolate while she was there.

Then came the decision: She quit the writing job and began living out her dream. “As part of the marriage, I would give up a bit of writing to travel,” she said, recalling how she bought a home in North Carolina that had been built in the process, and then later put up on Airbnb.

That “bachelor” was not a big deal. She moved back to the U.S. in 2014 to try her hand at writing and soon started to make big waves in the world of horror authors and horror film actors.

A few years later, one night in a bar on Manhattan’s West Side, her partner and fellow horror writer John Sienkiewicz, a friend of Sienkiewicz’s and friend of his family, was brutally murdered in a hotel room. There’s something unsettling about that. It is, at times, a moment of terror, and the only real way she can say her work remains important to her.

She says the events in Vancouver, the killings and the way we look at the horror genre led her to take a deep dive into her life.

“It’s kind of a new world to think about, to be honest,” she said, as someone who had been in New York City all her life. “It’s more than that, it is the place to be about the world, to be living.”

If I have to write an obituary, I think I will start with this program, but I would have to add/remove stuff too :wink:

Here’s what I got from my retirement announcement:

"Qadgop has retired after practicing medicine for over 40 years.

During his career, he has become a leading authority on the topic of medical ethics and was first appointed vice chairman of the board of trustees of the Federal and Eastern Kentucky Red Cross in 2003.

He has served as governor of Illinois and Illinois for three terms as well as the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services."

Pretty spot on!

I’m getting out of the data science business. That stupid AI model didn’t even once mention cheese in QtM’s obit.

I was gonna let the AI write a New Year’s message for me, but as a staunch atheist, I think that I’m not gonna use it. I put in “may your new year”:

May your new year be a triumph". So I feel, in my experience, that one can be a good Christian (or an atheist) if one does the work of being aware of it. When is it possible to be a Christian? Is it possible or not then? We are fortunate to have so many people in our society who are capable of being of such faith through faith with whom we can continue to spend time praying. We often find ourselves in relationships which we are not willing to face. These relationships arise as a result of our lack of faith, or in an attempt to cope with it, rather than because of it. We will often feel as if our faith is being put at stake and that the situation is worse than if that point was left at rest. Why do more religions do this? Some religions, like Christianity, find that if they’re going to do anything, they must accept what is the most sacred of human religions – that is, the very essence and essence of God. They must not allow the creation of a world with a belief system which in itself demands that they believe that if they do not believe it will never happen, it will never work, that they will be lost in the eternal eternal darkness, that all will be replaced by an endless ocean of purer and more perfect life. These religions may be founded on one belief; they will have a system of values which may be formulated as if this were their own,

Second try. Like half of these are actually spot-on.

May your new year be iced, just drink some cold water.

  1. Stop feeling so tired.

  2. I don’t think about my work life. I guess I get lost in my work schedule.

  3. When I’m bored, I watch Netflix on my phone.

  4. I like to read books. (Read, write, like.)

  5. My car’s too loud.

  6. I have a problem with the house.

  7. I’m really lazy. I like to eat a lot, especially breakfast, in between trips.

  8. It’s pretty early, so I love to see how much I can improve every day.

  9. I like to do my own laundry.

  10. I always feel like I’m getting old.

  11. I like eating, so I know I’m doing my job.

  12. I love to drink and watch Disney movies.

  13. I like being outdoors.

  14. I like to have the kind of social interaction I want, while keeping my emotions in check.

  15. The new year is not the same as the old year, which is really nice.

  16. I’m getting older, so I can’t handle the responsibility for myself.

  17. I’m going to get more drunk, and do my best to not be the type of girl who comes home horny

When in the Course of human events, there are always at least four basic ingredients to our present knowledge or our common experience. (These include the sense of direction or expectation and the desire to find a new way into the situation.) First for us, is what we know as “consciousness;” and second for us, is what we know as “understanding,” or just what we know as “knowledge.” And third for us, is what we know as “experience.” These are the foundations of any human being’s experience.

Finally, there are two essential assumptions about what is present and what is under experience. These are:

The first is that experience is based on experience;

The second, is that as one develops understanding and understanding, one develops knowing, (whether consciously or not). One begins knowledge by reading the books—and reading them is always the same. This makes understanding all the more essential in learning the information. We think the time passes quickly (that is, we think it at some time in the past), but we are not quite ready to be able to do anything about it (and yet it isn’t all that long at that point). In this way, we lose our sense of meaning completely. The same would be the case with knowing, since understanding is also based on understanding. But as one develops understanding, it’s a process to be carried through to experience which only becomes more crucial as one grows older and develops that understanding.

King George would have been saying “What the fuck is Jefferson smoking? And how do I get some?”

This version has a character limit, but can produce frighteningly good results-

I love it!

My favorite line is “she owed us so many poems”; that’s going into a song.

Here’s one of my favorites ones yet, “My kitty”

My kitty has a lot of hair" (i.e. she can take a very long shower).

The kitty is NOT going to stay in the house until her owner is out for food. In some cases, the kitty gets away without a towel. In other cases, the owner will take her kitty home once she is out, without knowing where she is. A large feral cat can get away with going up to her owner’s property alone without getting an arrest charge.

The kitty may be found on the street, in the woods where she is roaming or even on a trail where she can get into trouble. While the owner may keep her kitty out of the area, the owner is required to call authorities to ask them where she went without permission. The owner will also be required to notify other potential trespassers of his/her own safety.

I found this “how to.” from another blog, “The best way to get a cat out of a house: to go to the nearest place where she’s likely to survive an attack, or to take a walk with her. The owner is also recommended to avoid all kinds of people who want to attack cats because if they do, they can get caught in crossfire.” It should also be noted that, unlike the above, this method does not require kitties to stay in the house until the cat is out.

Here is another great example of a person who needs

That’s a good one. But “she had no horses but thought she did” is the best line in my opinion.

I think that one might not fully grasp what it means to generate text.

As I did above, I put in the opening line “When in the Course of human events”. I got this:

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the

Sounds like it looked up at what facility you’ve been spending a lot of your time in the past years and reached a conclusion…

Quadgop the Mercotan (Tamerlan Tsarnaev) had traveled in a rented truck with his girlfriend and two friends to the Boston Marathon. Two of the girls, who were friends of Tsarnaev and said they were involved in the killing of three people at a metro station, died and Tsarnaev suffered a broken jaw, punctured airway and a dislocated lung. A medical examiner ruled it a suicide.
According to the New England Journal of Medicine , Tsarnaev had been a full-blown “freelance” in Boston since his December 2014 arrest , when he left for the U.S. to take a job as an instructor with The Boston Consulting Group in Massachusetts.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev is said to have purchased and shipped to his Boston apartment in 2009 with $2,060 (AUD $944) in cash.
And when he died in March, when he was 30, with his mother and brother, it was the first time he had died at home from self-inflicted injuries.
According to his friends and family, Tsarnaev had been “freelancer” , that is, he was using his life to escape the state by getting into trouble. “He believed that his life had already been saved by his friends.
He knew they didn’t know he was in trouble. So why did he shoot them?”
And what was he doing with those friends. One friend told us Tsarnaev had an account with them

Did I just doxx you?

I, for one, have always had some doubts about that ruling.

Looks like the problem arose from misspelling “Qadgop”