AI generated obituary

I fed in my political ambitions and got this:

“Jackmannii announced his decision to run for Senate as a member of the Extreme Gardening Party. The party supports introducing small containers of food waste that is left in the ground instead, but has not yet taken up reform to the system.”

A Decaying Hunk Of Veggie Casserole In Every Pot - it’s catchy, it’ll sell.

NovelAI generated this for me. I provided the bolded text, it did all the rest. It did not linkify Amazon, I think Discourse did that.

I think my obituary was hijacked by Trump.

Alphaboi passed away. That will mean a lot for everyone but me, my family, our businesses, our country.

It should bring a few tears to the eyes of Trump supporters that he may have actually tried to kill this bill. No matter what, it is likely Trump would have supported the bill during the campaign. He lost. And that is when things looked like he had completely lost. He went, “You know me, I love this country,” but that is not possible when the opposition is far more violent.

Why is Trump winning the popular vote in Florida? A good question, but not yet. According to exit polls in the Democratic and Republican presidential primary, 48 percent of Republican voters are supporting Trump.

Florida’s voting laws are still quite strict as of the end of this week. However, as of the end of this week in late October, the two parties, by design, are locked in a battle to pass changes that would ban voting by more than 3,000 people. Trump has said that his supporters don’t need such a large number, and yet, there has been no indication that his supporters are in actual demand.

What should Trump do to prevent a major vote from being cast again?

The majority of people don’t need to vote by Thursday to have a major vote, but if Trump votes for the bill that was passed with less than 2 percent support, the bill could be altered in the future at any point

I have been saving responses that I got from the AI.

In one, I used a made-up word:

Scoobeldink: It’s about time I got rid of this nonsense! Pony is so obsessed with the “I need a job” meme that he could not care less about being called “the robot” if he had no idea who those people really were. But now that ponies have come into his view, he wants to take the company down. He wants ponies to be the best they can be, so he sends his team to take out a lot of those pesky aliens. The episode ends halfway through and the robot is gone, but this also means Pony is in for another day when even people like him are becoming increasingly hostile. The episode ends when all the power goes out. The “You know how things always work out in the movie when you realize you have two jobs?” question happens on the episode when a group of engineers tries to put together a “reboot.” This can cause a lot of trouble for the team members who were working on the original series, but it only makes the whole episode worse because every engineer was going into it with a huge heart attack, which made it much worse for everyone. The episode ends with a large asteroid accidentally hitting the planet Earth just before episode one. Pony’s team goes off to find the aliens, but soon discover an asteroid nearby. The team discovers to their surprise that the asteroid wasn’t a big deal, even with these people running around, and the entire team leaves

In another, an unusual phrase:

I tried milking my cat about the time I was getting started. As soon as I told my dog why I wasn’t milking her (she was a bit of a prude) and asked how a cat is supposed to handle a lot of stress, the cat told me that she felt like I was trying to seduce her. She wouldn’t even admit to it because I don’t want to embarrass her when I do. I started getting very aggressive with her, even though it was in some dark way at no point when she was really being used. She started acting like I wanted to rape me. She started screaming at me and throwing things on the ground. I didn’t do anything to prevent this or to help her so I had to leave, and now I’d be doing what she didn’t want me to do. Why does that sound so bad? Why isn’t milking the same as sleeping with a baby in front of you? Does she be happy? Does she have confidence that I want to go outside a certain size and do things that I wouldn’t if she wasn’t there? And why was she not given the ability to respond? Is it just because of that cat doing some things that she didn’t want that I’m not going to be able to? This is why I think this kind of abuse really frustrates me the most! I like that she has that quiet feeling when I am alone. That this is what you’re

I don’t know why I thought of Godzilla, but I’m glad that I did.:

Godzilla ate back his mother’s ribs with her. And it was good enough to last for a good one. He had been there, not for the first time, then-and-today. He saw a picture of a lion in a blue cloak, standing off a cliff in the sky, at his side. He’d thought it might be a sign for “I’m all right, Man,” then he heard someone say something about how little he looked like that and that, when they met, he would never be one of him. “It was a big day,” he said. When the day rolled around, it wasn’t the first time Godzilla had eaten something, but the first time he’d been to his father’s grave. When King Gungans broke in through the door and knocked—in the night by an overgrown wild beast—he realized the woman was nowhere to be found. He looked around frantically. There was still nothing to do but walk. He heard his mother’s voice. And suddenly, he heard a familiar voice whispering to him. It was Godzilla. This is, of course, all very strange. Now, though, it all was a good day. In the evening, he had to call one of Tokyo’s famous kurabata shops and ask to buy a small amount of his own blood to kill his mother. But to his horror, what he saw didn’t surprise anyone; he was not

Can anybody run a test to see if one AI can fix another one?

I see lots of ads for Grammarly (the fact that I am getting targeted by these ads may suggest something). My understanding is that it’s an AI program design to edit text and make it more readable.

If anyone has Grammarly or some equivalent program, could they run one of the passages on this page through it, so we can see if it is able of making random text more coherent.

Still running words and phrases through this. The AI can be quite disturbed.

Jesus and Mohammad walk into a bar. The two men tell him to return to the mosque immediately, but the three continue their rampage, stabbing several people and setting a fire in one of the nearby homes. Afterwards, they go outside the mosque, which is owned and operated by Allah. The two men then head out onto the street, where they meet another woman, wearing the red veil that prevents her from being seen wearing a hijab. A witness told that five other young men who had attended the mosque attended as well. Abdullah’s brother told the crowd that they were attacked on the street by a group of youths who were throwing knives at them and beating up some of them. Al Sharpton tweeted that at least one of the attackers had a knife and had taken it out while shouting “go ahead and rape girls #Abdullah”. When members of Parliament who were there immediately called the police to the scene, Mohammed and his associates came out of that building and attempted to rape the three young assailants, before shouting “Allah is great”. One of the attackers, who is identified as Mohammad Aziz, was taken in critical condition by a local hospital, and another was taken under police guard to the local morgue and was admitted in hospital. The two brothers reportedly escaped after being arrested – but it was later revealed that they had actually fled to Syria –

Harry and Hermione kissed as they walked over to their own bedroom. The other boys had arrived in seconds and were talking about the big picture. Harry sat up and began to open his eyes briefly. “Who are we…?” Hermione looked up at him. It seemed to be him. “Um, who really are you guys. Just a few people. A few people that I know are a bit different now… but a lot more serious…” Harry pulled his shirt over his face and held it up to Hermione who began to cry out for attention. They then took off their own clothes, put them to their other side. Hermione was so shocked. “Wake up, guys, it’s really a day for you. I didn’t know much about what we did. But I guess you got pretty far.” After a few minutes of going around talking, Hermione opened her mouth to speak. “Um, we thought it’d be good if you had some… uh…” Harry reached over and pulled her back again, taking her by the shoulders and kissed her on the lips. “I can see what do you mean because I don’t really understand you, don’t I?” Hermione asked. “What?” Harry said.

Baby yoda" is a phrase we often hear over and over again. These children and young people are often given the title of “yoda” and told that if they do anything other than watch Star Wars, then they need to live off of candy. As many of us grow up, though, we are told that these candy-eaters need to die. According to a review of over 70 popular film titles, children and kids of the 1990s and 2000s were the first to have been told that “Star Wars” will ultimately end up in jail. “But before that, before that, before that, before that, what was this great dream to become the next Disney,” says a New York-based writer and filmmaker in his latest retrospective of the franchise, which appears on film site The Big Ten Network. From “The Big Bang Theory” to “The Avengers,” the director of the Star Wars movies, George Lucas was often quick to jump back into the fight against the status quo. So in 1998, two years after the fall of the Soviet Union, Lucas and then-producer Bob Iger gave his version of the character a sequel with the same name: “The Return of the Jedi.” While “Return” made great movies, the movie was not a blockbuster. It didn’t offer much in the way of action or anything like that for the young audience. The audience was taught to watch, and not as carefully, for

What transformer model and parameters are you using? E.g., here is some output from a medium-sized GPT-2 using top-p and top-k sampling:

but also:

I type words in the text box and press “submit”.

Yes, I cannot be bothered to decrypt their obfuscated Javascript. If it says “based on the GPT-2 model by OpenAI” then OK, whatevs. Note that OpenAI has trained GPT-3 which is a much bigger and therefore more useful language model for generating obituaries and such (you used to be able to request a free API key to play with that one, not sure of the current status)

Wow, it gave me a very coherent story/biographic snippet.

I just started with “Wolfman felt disappointed”

I got the first AI linked in this thread to spit out a new conspiracy theory in great confusing detail by feeding it the line: On average 1.2% of people will claim that the sinking of the Titanic was faked.

On average 1.2% of people will claim that the sinking of the Titanic was faked. And as the ship docked at Southampton in 1885, just six months after the Second World War, just 3.5% was claimed either by those who made claims about the Titanic in fact and in fact, or by those that blamed the accident on the ship’s weather. All this is part of a vast conspiracy that is to be exposed in its full complexity and seriousness.

For more than a century British politicians have attempted to prove that the Titanic’s “tide” was a hoax. Most successful such “conspiracy theories” have been that the sinking of the vessel, and all the other “fame” of the sinking of the Titanic, was the work of “puppet authorities”. Many of which have been debunked in peer-reviewed literature and have also shown that it was deliberate. Others have shown that the Titanic did not collapse in mid-air as many had claimed, that its sinking was so “accidental” that it did not affect the general performance of the ship. All this has been proven to be bogus - most notably with the claim that the first crew and first deck crew of any ship had been shot down “in the face” in a “very high angle”.

But when you look into what actually happened on board the Titanic in September 1941, it becomes even more evident that the great majority of people who had been on board were not on board

And then it came up with the details of a brand new Covid cure when given: Democrats don’t want people to know that you can cure covid simply by petting a grizzly bear.

Democrats don’t want people to know that you can cure covid simply by petting a grizzly bear. For one thing, in recent years the number of bear cubs has dropped from 4 million in 1997 to less than one in four. That change is due in part to the need for new, less invasive petting devices that offer greater safety in these situations. More recently, the CDC recently made the case that petting a grizzly bear could bring a potential threat to public health far beyond the state’s public health responsibility. Even more worrisome is the growing need to regulate the presence of grizzly bears outside of the state’s borders. If you live within 100 miles of a grizzly bear’s home or office, you must report it to wildlife officials. If a pet loses its paws, its muzzle becomes a dangerous insecticide, or becomes exposed to toxic substances from a pet store, you can be arrested for a misdemeanor. Additionally, in most states, local ordinances prohibit petting the bear without a hearing. In fact, there are still many states that allow it. For example, Connecticut has passed a law which prevents a bear from petting a person in the county where it resides. A second requirement is that the bear must stay in the building for four days before being released to a veterinarian. This is one way for bears to get their paws on people before they attack them.

Note: if you don’t like the first result it gives you, just run it again and it’ll used the same prompt to say something new.