My mom is gone

My mother, who was born when Calvin Coolidge was the President of the United States, has gone to her eternal reward. She passed from this life in her sleep.

I’m sorry for your loss, Bricker. I’ll keep a good thought for you and your family.

Sorry for your loss. It sounds like she must have lived a long and interesting life, and that’s something to be proud of and to celebrate.

I’m very sorry for your loss, Bricker. She lived a good long life and I wouldn’t be surprised but what she was very proud of you. May she rest in peace.

My condolences to you and your family.

My condolences to your entire family.

Deeply sorry for your loss.

Losing your mum is hard. I wish you a mindful grieving and hope you and your family can find solace in the weeks and months ahead** Bricker**.


This is tough to talk about. I lost my dad many years ago, and it was awful for me but worse, I think, for Mom. She was always proud of her sons and grandsons - although not a daughter in the bunch! - and was a source of strength and inspiration. (She did always she she wished for granddaughters because she had always wanted to spoil them with dollhouses and doll house furniture). Ah, well.

My grief is ultimately selfish. I know this. She has gone from discomfort and pain to an eternity with God. I should be cheering, and in a way that’s hard to describe, I am. But it’s so hard to realize that I can’t call her and talk about how crazy Trump is or how much this past snowstorm reminds us of the 1979 one. I wish I were a better writer, and could convey how she was. I wish my son had more time with her. His paternal grandfather died before he was born; his maternal grandfather when he was a toddler. He’s down to one grandparent now as a teenager.

Maybe as the pain takes a back seat,(it never quite goes away), you can tell us more about your Mom. I’m lucky, at 61, to still have mine.

She sounds as if she was wonderful and since her eternity will be better still that’s great. But you aren’t selfish for being grief stricken, even Jesus wept at the grave of a friend Lazarus.

Take care of yourself.

Bricker, I am truly sorry for your and your family’s loss. Condolences.


I’m sorry for your loss, Bricker - and our loss, too, not having known her.
Eventually. the pain will subside, but the memories, and the joy, will remain.

She sounds like a great lady
condolences to you and all of your family

Sorry for your loss. I didn’t even get along with my mother, and nearly 3 years after she died there are still times when I want to share something with her and feel sad that I can’t. So I can only begin to imagine the sense of loss you feel.

It seems good that she passed in her sleep though - I hope that’s a comfort to you, to know she didn’t suffer at the end.

So sorry for your loss, Bricker. :frowning:

Remember, even Jesus wept when he knew he was going to bring Lazarus back in a couple days. And he was without sin. So grieve all you need to.

My sympathies for your loss.

My parents both died in their eighties and I found it very difficult.
Seeing a grief counsellor helped me.

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, sending heart felt condolences.

I’m very sorry for your loss. You’ve written a little about your upbringing here. Your parents always sounded like very impressive people, and your family was obviously tight-knit.

Grief, is of course, entirely the right reaction - it’s really just a measure of how important and loved the person you’ve lost is.