AIDs virus created by US govt.?

I’ve read in my local newspaper that China created the AIDs virus to control their overpoplation, but has “the U.S. government engineered the AIDS virus to get rid of African-Americans and other minorities.”?

"The 1971 flowchart makes it perfectly clear, the design, intent and purpose of the U.S. Special Virus program. As Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS says, the HIV/AIDS virus is the result of many steps in the laboratory, it was no accident.

The 1971 flowchart provides absolute evidence of the United States’ intent to kill its own citizens and others."

Dr. Boyd E. Graves
Here’s the site:

It has several evidence indicating the US’s intent to eradicate minorites in the US. Evidence “includes the government’s virus development papers and the 1971 HIV flow chart which graphically coordinates the U.S. Special Virus development program … and … A 1971 phograph made with an electron microscope showing a manmade virus that is identical to the HIV virus .”

So is white supremacy groups in the US govt. trying to wipe out minorities w/AIDs? and how are they attacking only minorities w/ this virus?

Are you serious or are you just a fucking idiot?

First of all, if China wanted to reduce their population severely, they wouldn’t need to create a virus, the PRC has shown in the past it has no problem sending millions to ‘work’(death) camps, and they could just up the scale. Or just have economic and other penalties for having more than one child.

Secondly, the technology needed to create a virus from scratch is beyond what we can do now even though we are getting close - I believe a synthetic copy of the polio virus was made recently, but actually designing a virus from scratch would be much more difficult. There is no way anyone could have done it in the 1970’s, barring help from aliens or other goofy scenerios. Besides, if HIV is supposed to wipe out minorities, how come it infects white people too?

Maybe it’s just me, but if I were wanting to get the proof out to the public that AIDS was a huge government conspiracy, designed to eliminate my fellow African-Americans, I don’t think I’d charge for it. Give us some actual, and free, evidence to support this theory, and we can have a debate.

Until then, we landed on the moon, the holocaust happened, the Illuminati doesn’t control the world, and you can purchase a copy of The Catcher in the Rye without the government sending men in black to monitor your activities.

This looks like a scam. His only proof is the flow chart- and that will cost you $5 just to look at.

Either that, or just another black who wants to make whites look evil.

We all know that AIDS doesn’t care what skin color you are. If they had the technology to make a virus and they wanted to get rid of blacks in particular, they’d make sure it was released in black communities first. Of course there was never such pattern, there was with gays but certainly not blacks.

The black population, over 30 years after this supposed conspiracy took place, is INCREASING and has been every year since then (and before).

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akennett said:

Well, whatever he might be, at least he isn’t breaking the rules. Insults like that are forbidden in Great Debates.

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While akennett’s question may have been poorly phrased, an answer to it might help shape the direction of the debate.

And besides, everyone knows that the US government created HIV to wipe out gays, not blacks.


Of course, you are right. I apologize for breaking that rule, and to any who may have been offended by reading it.

I can understand why you said it though.

Sigh In any event, it would have been very difficult for the US goernment and China to engineer it and then give to to monkeys ion Africa and then get it into the rest of the population., And if you want to wipe out blacks, it probably not a good idea to make a slow acting, chronic virus that infect only along one channel (normally), and does not discriminate.

In other words, don’t believe everything you read. Heck, I’m prettty sure the US government could sue for libel.

Tests of an HIV vaccine found it was ineffective in whites but had some success in blacks.
Could it be any clearer?

AIDS was invented by the black conspiracy inorder to exterminate white people.

As a white man, I’m very afraid.

At first, I thought listening to Ice-T would save me. But, I was worried that wasn’t enough. Now, I wear a big button saying “I’m one of the good ones.”

I for one welcome our new ebon masters.

Considering how much we’ve learned about retroviruses from HIV, if their was a supersecret gov’t lab somewhere, they could just patent what they know, and use the trillions they’d earn to pay hitmen to kill all the black people.

Maybe he’s on to something. After all doesn’t the African continent have the largest AIDS population in the world? But for China to be attributed with this is too hard to believe. They have no qualms at all about offing their own people. They also practice sex selective abortions (female).


Plagues and epidemics are a natural by-product of living in cities with high concentrations of people all having contact with each other.

Just out of curiosity, where the heck do you live!?

Here’s the guy’s timeline. Anything else and all I got for evidence was an offer to buy lots of expensive videotapes. He sounds like a nut to me.

** Beagle ** thanks for the link to the timeline. I tried reading all of it but found it just too pitiful to plow through. It is a good example, however, of what can be done with out of context facts that you interpret as you please.

It would seem to me that if the Chinese scientists (consisting of scientists no doubt trained in the US and Europe) could make the virus, then other scientists could cure the virus.

MAN!! I’ve been spreading rumors that the CIA developed the AIDs virus in Africa since the early eighties. How’d that get turned around towards the afro-americans?

Anyways, heres an intersting read on the Origins of Aids.

BTW… dont mess chimps…

Let’s see… it’s been twenty years since the origin of the epidemic’s worst phase. Hundreds of thousands of people have died globally, people have paid billions to find a cure or even an effective treatment, and whole nations have been faced with extinction because of the amazing effectiveness of this infection.

Anyone with any knowledge of how the disease originated, let alone how it may be cured, would be rich for life. He would be applauded from all corners and would, in may peoples’ minds, be the closest equivalent to God Come Down since Buddha or Jesus. They couldn’t pay him, or threaten him, enough to ensure his silence, especially given how many people it would take to synthesize a nontrivial microbe.

Occam’s Razor slices this off at the very nub.