"Ain't gonna suck itself" who wrote it and why

I’ve heard this song serveral times on the radio. I like the tune and the lyrics are really funny.

My question is, who wrote this and what the hell did Virgin Records do to him?

It’s written by David Lowery, and it’s on Cracker’s new album Countrysides, which came out in the U.S. October 14th.

Virgin Records wasn’t too keen on releasing the original Countrysides…when I interviewed Lowery about a month ago for our radio station, he said the label “didn’t get it” (“it” being that it was their attempt at an obviously country-influenced album). The label parted ways with the band, and Lowery added the song after the band got picked up by another company.

Lowery tells me that about 95% of the lyrics are b.s., a kinda revenge fantasy. So no, he hasn’t destroyed the master tapes for the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers by letting a popsicle drip on 'em…