What is this song?

I heard a song about a week or two ago and I thought that it was pretty cool. I can only remember hearing the repetition of the word “shotgun?” and a quote from bob Marley “them bellies full but we still hungrY.”
The singer reminded me somewhat of the singer for the Outfield.

I’m not familiar with Outfield. Can you give some more clues about the song’s style, and how old it might be? Ballad? Hip-hop? Funk? Rock? Reggae?

Well it was pretty much hard rock, not only Outfield, but also Offspring sounding (Self Esteem) and had a slightly rap beat to it. For further (obscure) reference, the singer also reminded me of the lead singer that sang “Hey Joe” for the Leaves!

The song is almost certainly Rage Against the Machine’s “Down Rodeo.” One of the verses contains Marley’s lyric, their style is rock/rap, and the chorus is:
“Yeah I’m rollin’ down Rodeo wit a shotgun
These people ain’t seen a brown skin man
Since their grandparents bought one”

Ferret Herder, you may have it. I checked the lyrics and it has the belly-hungry connection. thanks for your help. :slight_smile: