Air Force/Army Carrier Integration

Good info, per usual. I had no idea that reference existed, but the Libel part of the name makes it clear WHY it exists.

And Kricket, I’ll bet those family times are good fun. BTW, it is 550 cord. 2020 is kinda close though. I have some in the back of my car. My 90 mile an hour tape is in the bookcase. Do I sense a thread where we only speak militarese? Or some such furrin language?

I’ve never believed in saluting officers. It only encourages them.

Ah, evidence why my AF Major daddy taught me at his knee that “The Army and Navy are for suckers.”

Thank you UncleBill!! And yeah, I got some of that 30,000 mile an hour tape too. That’s the other one I goof that drives him crazy.
BTW I just called my brother the Marine, and he had a good laugh. He said wow, that guy is really venting isn’t he?
The poor guy, I got him addicted to the boards and he doesn’t even have a computer!
Family reunions (the big ones) are great. We are safe from any form of invasion. We have all branches when you get to the cousins. It also gets very loud.
My brother said that they gave the newbies a bunch of shit about not stepping on their eagle, globe, and anchor. From what I understand it was on a carpet in the middle of a door-way, and you really couldn’t step around it.

As an ex-paratrooper, I gotta give the Army and Air Farce credit for even getting on (coming aboard?) a ship. I always got nervous stepping into anything bigger than my trusty jungle boots.
Anything else is too much target. How are you supposed to dig a fighting position on the deck of a ship, anyway?
In my experience, chow in the field supported by our 1SG was mystery stew in a mermite if we were lucky, and Mr. E if we weren’t. Chow in the field courtesy of the AF was steak and eggs, and seconds if you wanted 'em. When it came out in a mermite, it all had to get eaten if we ever wanted hot chow again. This led to some interesting seconds when I was a private:
SGT: “Alright maggots, we’ve got a mermite and a half of lima beans and nine sticks of butter. We can’t send it back to the rear until it’s empty. Gimme some volunteers!”
This was a vivid example of shit rolling downhill, sometimes literally after that third stick of butter.

Oh, Chief, that’s good!

I was stationed on Okinawa (HM3) right next to Kadean AFB. Had a good friend who was a flyboy. Doggone E-3 had HIS OWN FREAKIN’ room, while I was sharing a small E-5 room with another gal. ::grumble, grumble::

But, I fixed him! I got off base housing with Navy paying for it due to short quarters.

**Bunny Girl[/b says she was an

Or as we call the docs in the fleet “pecker checkers.” Actually, in the “kindler, gentler” Navy we refer to them as “penis machinists.”

BTW, I’ve never heard a single Jarhead be as disrespectful to their doc as I just was. I’d give 'em “props” but I don’t do that sort of thing.

dropzone, do me a favor: go down to Engineering and ask someone for some relative bearing grease and a BT punch. Thanks.

I’ll give props to the Docs, BunnyGirl,especially the FMF versions. Any jarhead will.

How’s about running and getting me some frequency grease and a hundred meters of flight line, then taking the Mail Bouy Watch, or better yet, the Mast Watch (in Chasn harbor I swear it looked like the mast of DD-983 (Spruance Destroyer) was going to hit the underside of the Cooper River Bridge). You’ll need batteries for the sound powered microphones to work on those last two watches. Then you’ll get in line for Axe Quals

:slight_smile: None taken.

This is such a hoot to read. Having been raised in the Air Force; worked on a base that housed all of the branches; and having Mr Bear <while stationed on an Army Post of all places!> work in a joint Navy, Army and Air Force unit for 7 yrs, I am well familiar with most of the terms I’ve read here.

It’s funny how we all like to poke fun at the ‘other’ branches of military service, yet, when the chips are down, there’s not a one that wouldn’t die to help anyone else, regardless of the branch they serve. There is a unity in the military that most civilians never truly comprehend, that sets us apart from the rest. And, yes, while technically speaking I’m a civilian, I’m a dependent wife first, and that means I outrank all of you Yahoo’s. wink

I would never insult an enlisted by saluting them either. And after my recent sojourn in the AF hospital here <a training hospital no less>, I have not altered my opinion of butter bars and shave tails yet. At least not in an upward manner.

Now, as to the OP, from what I understand of this process, I think it will be a good thing in the long run. To think that men and women died needlessly because the Army and/or AF pilots weren’t trained to land on carriers and were therefore banned from it, so the wounded couldn’t get to the proper medical care in time is a shameful thing for our country. We can do better than that. Our armed forces deserve better than that. So, if they’re finally getting smart, and going to integrate such areas, I see that as a positive thing.

Oh, and Kricket, drop me an email, and I’ll tell you what I’ve learned over the years, if you’re interested.

Kricket, this reminded me of something…

I came home on leave after I’d been in for a couple of years (I had just made CTM2 so this must’ve been around 1993) for a family reunion/anniversary thingy. My father was in the Navy in the late '60s-early '70s, my gramma’s brother was in during WWII, and my grampa’s nephew was in from 1941 to 1971.

My father’s rate (MM) was the only one that still existed and my rate didn’t exist when any of the others were in. Half of the stuff the other three talked about I had never heard, and half of the stuff I talked about the other three had never heard of. We might as well have been from different service branches!

pb says

You are, of course, excluding the Coast Guard.

Let’s not forget the 10 feet of chow line you’ll need for that watch, too Unca-bunk-burnin’-Bill.

We’re also aproaching the Equator so we’ll have to post the toilet watch. And we’ll probably need a box of ambidextrous spanners before we go up to the bridge to sight the infamous Sea Bat.

I’m Air Force, and I’ve got three daughters
One wants to go Marines,
One wants to go Navy,
One wants to go Air Force.

Oh, Lawsy lawsy lawsy…

Huh! I saw this happen to a bunch of Marines, and they instinctively bent over and dropped their pants. I asked one of them about it later, and he muttered something about " being on ships 'cuz sheep get seasick." I wonder what that means?

Chieffy says:

What? Who me? Why, they’re just as good as the rest of y’all, to hear them talk.

VB, I know just what you have to look forward to with family get-togethers. Don’t envy you one bit on that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Dave, my pal, I’m not sure I even want to know. Shudders like the delicate, sweet woman she is

Ok, ok, I can pretend, can’t I? Geesh!

May your next C.O. require you to wear a smiley faced, silk, hawaiian shirt during your public relations gigs. Bwahahahahahaha

Fletch squeeks


Stand clear! Coasty on deck!

Watch yer feet! Puddle navy comin’ through!

I sometimes call Chiefs “Sir”. Not sure if they hate me yet or not. I was TDY (TAD for everyone else) for the annual Pie-in-the-Face auction.

Oh well. I guess medium well steaks and brisquet is good. Of course, I gotta make sure the fuckin’ runway gets a snowplow before I get to eat though . . . Damn snow.
Carrier Battle Groups have it easy. They can sail into better weather. I gotta deal with the white shit daily.