Aircraft Carrier in Honolulu

I am in Honolulu on vacation and I believe we saw an aircraft carrier in the harbor as we drove by on H1. It would be great to get a closer view. So does anyone know where it would most likely dock? Or any place to confirm which ship it is?

The only place an aircraft carrier is gonna dock in Honolulu is Pearl Harbor, maybe you’ve heard of it.

In addition to the only place it would dock, I can also say that it may not have been an aircraft carrier either. LHAs look like carriers, and they do dock at Pearl. Back in the 80s, I was on an LHA that took our unit from Iwo Jima to the Philippines , and it left from Hawaii.

If this site is to be believed, there aren’t any U.S. aircraft carriers are near Hawaii at this time. It might have been the U.S.S. Carl Vinson, which is on a “three-week composite training unit exercise and Western Pacific deployment”, but I don’t think that Hawaii qualifies as the Western Pacific.

For non-gearheads, BTW, an LHA is a Landing Helicopter Assault vessel.

Can you see a big number on the bow?

It’s possible it stopped at Hawaii on the way. That site says it was on Ops until the 13th.

This could be the USS Tarawa LHA-1. She is listed as being at the inactive ships facilty in Pearl Harbor.

Sometimes if you are looking for ships, Google Maps is your friend.

Only if they don’t move.

They are on the island. And illuminated at night.
Don’t plan on getting too close to it without their permission.

Cool. Just to the SE in that image are the moored battleship USS Missouri, and just ahead of her the USS Arizona memorial. You can faintly see the Arizona under the water.

Yeah, but you’d be surprised what you can see when you Google Map Charleston or Mayport or Groton, etc.

It’s striking how much larger and beefier Missouri looks.

That’s because it is bigger and beefier than the the Arizona. By more than 200 feet length and almost 14000 tons