"Airline" on A&E

Anybody else watching this show so far? I love it already.

Aside from the fact that huge portions are filmed in familiar airports for me, I am completely enthralled watching the various problems and issues that the Southwest employees have to deal with on a daily basis. Like that woman who showed up too late (waited in line for 2 hours in Midway to get to the ticketing counter??? Yeah, my ass) for her San Diego flight and proceeded to yell at anyone who would listen within a 10 mile radius … or that ex-military guy who was pissed about how long it was taking to okay his shotgun to get on the plane and said “They’re all worried about 9-11, but those guys didn’t even use guns!”

This here, ladies and gentlemen, is television gold. Hope it stays on for a while.

I finally saw the couple episodes I had TiVo’d. (One was the San Diego woman and the other was the one with “smelly guy”) I like how they’re showing both how they mess up/fix things as well as how much people are just freaking IDIOTS!

I have mixed feelings about the smelly guy one. I mean, I thought she was really blunt about telling him he smelled bad (but then how do you say that nicely?) He seemed to take it really really well though, but I’m not sure if that’s because he was aware of it and suspected it might be a problem, or maybe she was really really pretty and offered to give him clean clothes, etc. I couldn’t really tell what his situation was…his ill-fitting, grimey clothing seemed to imply he was homeless, but how does a homeless person scrape together enough money for a plane ticket? Interesting. I’d almost like the whole show to have been more in-depth and find out what his story was. Then again, the woman who showed up 20 minutes before her flight and blamed her missing it on credit card issues got way more time than she deserved. In fact, I probably just would’ve taken her out on the tarmac and pushed her into an engine - HA!

I’d actually like them to have another series where the people react to the way they were portrayed on TV, for example the guy who missed his plane because he was in the bar, so he went back to the bar and started drinking all over again and kept swearing up and down he wasn’t drunk. (Loved when he said “Listen to my voice! I’m not drunk!” and it was all drunkenly slurred together.) That and the overweight guy who had to buy two tickets then they showed him getting a mountain of food while he waited for his flight. I almost thought that was sorta unfair and mean. Maybe those two takeout boxes were full of steamed broccoli or something? (Meh, probably not at an airport!)

I’m already hooked on this show - it’s fantastic! I thought Mike was absolutely wonderful handling that Alzheimers passenger and his wife. When they were boarding their plane and Mike told the man, “Take care of this lady. I’ve grown quite fond of her,” well (sniff) I found it quite touching. And I love watching Colleen over at Midway. She rules! And I loved the guy with the very expensive bag.
“What did your bag look like, sir?”
“It is very expensive.”
“What kind of bag is it?”
“It is very expensive.”
Ahh, I am hooked. I wish this show were on every night.

ha! I adore this show. I was just cracking up last night. WTF is up with that guy who has a tiny little tear in his bag and is all “there is no compensation for a bag that is ripped to shreds???” Buddy, c’mon. Luggage is made to protect whats inside. Thats why you buy the tough stuff. And then the couple who was all pissed at their Most Expensive Bag in the World being lost? And the man saying, “I don’t wear cheap clothes!” Yeah, well then why the hell do you fly Southwest if you’re so rich?

This show rules.

So this mainstay of cheap British TV has found its way across the water?..I pity you. It’s fun for a short while, but very soon you’ll find yourself smashing the screen in at the endless tirades from people who don’t understand the concept of “Terms and Conditions”. Enjoy it while it lasts.

I really enjoy it. It’s sad, but it amuses me just how stupid people can be. Do you realize how short the shows would be if people actually read what was on the back of their tickets?

I also think there had to be something more to the story of the “smelly guy.” The poor man looked as if he had recently lost a lot of weight. It was a rotten situation for everyone involved, but I guess they handled it the best way they could.

I’ve been a fan of the show they based it on…which was on Discovery Air Channel (or something like that…it was all about aviation stuff) but it was based on Heathrow Airport (I think) in England and that show was just as entertaining as this one. I was hoping they would make a US version of this and I guess my dreams came true!

I just can’t believe how stupid some people can be when it comes to flying…I was sorta annoyed with those three overly-cheerful flight attendants though…I like to sleep and just relax when I’m flying and those people were just annoying!!! But love the show and can’t wait for the next one to come out!


It sounds like it’s based on the British show also called ‘Airline’, which featured Easyjet (pretty much comparable to Southwest). ‘Airport’ (the Heathrow one) did have an American spinoff, ‘Airport Miami’, albeit still targeted at British audience…but it started showing about 3 weeks before 9/11, and mysteriously never reached episode four…

I haven’t been able to stomach more than ten minutes of any episode of this show. It seems that they’ve gone out of their way to show the most self-absorbed, illiterate, incompetent or simply bizarre people possible, and while that makes for “entertaining” television if you’re into freak shows, it does a disservice, I think, to the thousands of people who fly every day without a moment of weirdness in their transactions or transport.

How do you think the rich get rich and stay rich? They scrimp where scrimping won’t hurt them. Do you know what vehicle has the dominant market share amongst American millionaires? The Ford F-150 pickup truck. Not even the extended cab version, either. You spend for luxuries that matter. When it comes down to it, there isn’t a helluva lot of difference between Southwest and any other airline. It’s all people crammed into small seats, next to strangers, hurtling through the air at ridiculous speeds in a metal tube. Does having a paltry bag of pretzels or nine channels of bad music really make a difference if you’re planning to talk with your companion, sleep, read or work the whole trip anyway?

I really enjoy “Airline”. I think it’s one of the few worthwhile “reality” shows out there.

As for the smelly passenger, my dad, who is a psychologist, was watching that episode with me and he remarked that he thought the passenger with the odor problem may have had a mental illness (or else been not very well off) and cited certain aspects of his appearance and behavior (such as the man being sounding somewhat “out of it”, as if he were not entirely “in touch” with his surroundings and how he didn’t seem to have much of a reaction to being told his odor was offensive). Overall I thought the woman handled it as best she could, and to her credit she did feel embarrassed of having to tell the man he couldn’t get on the plane until he washed up. In fact, a lot of the airport employees did handle situations with similar tact and sensitivity (e.g., the man with Alzheimer’s).

Other interesting parts: the flight in Chicago were the children were acting up and the cops had to be called in. I don’t blame the airport employee and the passengers for being angry. That the adults were acting just as obnoxious as the children didn’t help matters any.

The American show is co-produced by Granada Television (a British television station), so I imagine it is a spinoff of the British version.

I remember watching three obnoxious teenage boys spending a good half-hour arguing with a security guy about him confiscating the (fairly realistic) toy guns they had in their hand luggage. I was amazed he put up with it, I’d have strangled them after about 3 minutes.

What really blew me away with those BMX kids is that they didn’t even calm down when the cops showed up. I mean, having the police called at the airport – how much more serious do things need to get? Yikes.

The woman last week just blew me away – she was so concerned about what her mother would think about her appearance but she doesn’t care about how she looked in front of all these strangers as she sat in curlers and changed clothes in the lobby? Mazikeen, did your dad say anything about that?

Re: flying southwest. Being selectively frugal may certainly be a part of keeping wealth. But if I ever have the money to spend on any of several things, flying Southwest is not among them. I’d much rather shop at Marshall’s but travel comfortably. But maybe that just means I’ll never be wealthy.

She seemed like a plant to me. There was something really, really “not real” about her.

The guy who was screaming about his “shredded” bag (like a one inch rip) made me irate. I actually lost sleep over how much I hated that guy. When he said the fabric was bulletproof “like a policeman’s vest” I wanted to reach into my TV and slap him. Then him claiming he never signed any contract with anyone. HELLO! All that fine print you are supposed to read before clicking “buy ticket” is the CONTRACT!!! What is up with people?

The group of 3 flight attendants who insisted on playing “games” with the passengers the ENTIRE TRIP are the sole reason I DON’T fly SouthWest. Seriously. By all other respects they seem fine, but I had one experience like that with them and I said “NEVER AGAIN.” I applaud them for taking on this show and letting people see both their warts and what they put up with, but now that I see they STILL do that crap it cements my resolve.