AK84 has been banned

For a continued pattern of personal insults and refusing to abide by SDMB rules, AK84 has been banned.

Links to warnings:

Personal Insults: Are cities in Europe cold and dark due to lack of Russian gas? - #13
Personal Insults: Would Chauvin have been convicted of anything if the BLM protests hadn't involved violence? - #15
Personal Insults: Rockets from Gaza - #25 by Colibri
Personal Insults: Are accusations of raicsm/sexism/bigotry abused? - #52 by Bone
Personal Insults: Election tampering by Russia: is it karma? - #33 by Asimovian
Personal Insults: Is it wrong to ignore the gender identities of people like Chelsea Manning? - #53 by Bone
Personal Insults: Opposition to Tuareg Nationalism in Mali? - #34 by Colibri
Personal Insults: Are Muslim woman required to wear shawls in the hospital? - #25 by samclem
Personal Insults: Sharia rape law - #76 by Marley23

Putting words in another users mouth: Ukraine invasion: What would it take for Russia’s current allies to abandon their support? - #15 by Euphonious_Polemic
Failure to follow a moderator’s instructions: US assassinates commanding general of Iran Quds force - #94 by Jonathan_Chance
Political Potshots: Aerial stunts with airliners - #50 by Chronos
Being a jerk: Black Panther movie (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - #119 by Chronos
political jab in General Questions: Did any American agent commit suicide during the cold war to avoid capture by the Soviet bloc? - #9 by Colibri
Failure to follow a moderator’s instructions: Excluding Lit or Peace, have there ever been any of the Nobel Prizes that were duds? - #26 by Colibri
Failure to follow a moderator’s instructions: Ladies, virginity question - #45 by Czarcasm

AK84 was also suspended for 30 days back in 2019 for a continued pattern of disregard for the rules on the SDMB: