Ladies, virginity question

Now I’m curious. What pain-management techniques are considered kinky?

My first time was… well. “Mediocre” is putting it kindly. My first thought after he rolled off was, “Well, at least now I know I wasn’t missing anything.”

I have had much better since, thank god, after he was out of the picture. His main issue was that it was All About Him in bed (well, in general, too, although he was convinced he was being all romantic and shit to me – so, lots of flowers, but Big Important Relationship Foundation Shit he couldn’t be bothered with), and not having any idea of what was out there to ask for, I couldn’t ask him to do or try anything for me. I kept waiting for it to get good, whatever that would mean, and it didn’t. If he’d bothered to just explore a little it might have been different, but everything was me doing to him.

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Not pain management, hymen-breaking. Apparently what Gramps did with Grandma is called “fisting” and, rather than being viewed as a method to get rid of a bothersome, useless pseudo-organ, the subject of much pr0n of the hard variety. And no, he did not use a fist formed to be as big as possible, quite the opposite!

Really? A girl saying “let’s fuck and I brought the condom” was a worse option than no sex? Or were the guys you knew so amazingly sexy that they knew there was someone else waiting for them that night?

No, they refused to do it with a condom. They’d say “my friend has a car we can use” (translation: let’s fuck - you didn’t need a car for anything other than vaginal or oral), I’d say “ok, your rubbers or mine?”, they’d say “yuck, I don’t use that shit!”, I’d say “oh. Sorry then”, they’d tell my back “b…b…but… wait!”, I’d say “sorry: no rubber, no rubbin’”, they’d say “I’ll go buy some”, I’d say “sorry, lost your chance, bye”.

I had the “condom or nothing” very heavily ingrained, I can rationalize it (I’m the one who would be risking a pregnancy, it’s also defense against some STDs, if they normally didn’t use one they probably didn’t know how to and belonged to the good old “only the tip, if it’s only the tip she can’t get pregnant” school of thought) but basically as soon as they said “I don’t use that shit” it was “game over”.

Well learned Counsel you are mistaken, there is infact a thread in there about kittens…uh…err…actually.

I sometimes get the feeling we are dealing with a 15-18 year old male.

After all, we mustn’t forget that being interested in sex is immoral. Especially if the deviant in question is a woman, because that’s just impossible; women aren’t interested in sex. :rolleyes:

I AM a woman and I have no problem with fucking or anyone who wants to fuck freely without let or hindrance. Its pretty normal for people to have SOME questions about sex and sexual habits. Most people just mix it up with the occasional thread about kittens or Battlestar Galactica. LM just constantly wants to know what size your vagina is, and what nurses do about erections, and how you can be a “sexy wife,” and how you can raise your wife’s libido, and what aphrodesiacs work…

shrug no skin off my vag, really. It just struck me all of a sudden. I’d like to know how you got from “are all your threads about fucking?” to WOMEN WHO LIKE SEX ARE FILTHY WHORES, though.

The last sentence was aimed at AK84, who made an issue out of her gender. Though you did read correctly that I think being bothered by someone posting a lot about sex is ridiculous in itself. There’s not a chance in hell you would have been bothered if she started a lot of threads about knitting.

That said, if anyone wants to continue discussing their opinion of Ladymarmalade, or my opinion of their opinion, how about we do that in the pit?

Whether true or not, I don’t reallly give a rip who starts the thread; the ensuing conversation is interesting no matter what.

I’m not sure that “bothered” is the correct term here. But I do think it’s weird if someone talks about sports and nothing else, their kids and nothing else, their car and nothing else, knitting and nothing else… etc. Most people I know and talk to are interested in and able to converse on a variety of topics.

It sort of leaves the impression that said person has absolutely nothing else, no variety at all, going on in their life, and yes I do find that strange. Monomania is unusual, and as far as I’m concerned, boring. It doesn’t really matter what the object of the monomania is.

Got it. I laughed. Were you actually proposing fisting (I can’t imagine more than three fingers would be necessary to “get it going” as it were), or did he just assume that any kind of fingering = fisting = weird kinky shit?

IIRC, in another thread, LM stated that she’s doing research for a book that she is writing about sex. Thus, sex questions… a lot.

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Yes and no. I knew what they looked like from health class and porn mags and the occasional glance at the spice channel when I was home alone (we had a cheater box), from about age 11. I had poked around down there and there was NO FREAKING WAY that thing could fit! So I was scared of it between about 11 and 18.

Once I got off to college, and had unfettered internet access (which I never got at home because my mom openly admitted to installing spy software, and monitored everything we did on the internet), I started watching video porn and doing research on the mechanics of it. I purposely took my own technical virginity with the handle of a hairbrush. It bled a little, but hardly hurt at all. I practiced stretching myself out with a series of bananas from the cafeteria (don’t laugh, ok! lots of people took a piece of fruit out with them). Then I bought my first sex toy, a penetrative vibrator, and by the time I actually had sex at 20 I was already quite fond of penetration.

Love the last option, btw. :slight_smile:

Afraid? Hell no. With one exception, I’d only ever seen my brother’s, back when we were still bathed together, and a 6-year-old’s wang is not a really frightening thing.

The exception was one time I barged into the bathroom and caught my Dad draining a MUCH BIGGER (and darker and hairier) lizard. :eek: My first act was to run and tell my poor brother that he had a problem.

Are you complaining?

Ladymarmalade, I for one appreciate your fucking threads.

I ignored it.:rolleyes: This ain’t GQ.

If you say so.

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