Ladies, virginity question

When you were a virgin, did you think penises were scary? In other words, did you fear intercourse?

No. I thought they were exciting and awesome. It hurt a little, but I didn’t blame the junk.

Yes. God. I was like, what is that, a tree trunk?

First for the pervy guys!

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The first time I saw a penis I laughed. Not because it was small or anything, I just thought it was strange looking. I was afraid of intercourse because my cousin told me it hurt. And the first time for me, it did hurt.

No, it never occurred to me to be afraid of the act itself.

Afraid of what the guy would think of me afterward, afraid of what my friends would say, afraid of getting pregnant, afraid of a guy not taking no for an answer - sure. But afraid of the sex act itself? Nope.

I wasn’t scared at all. I was ready to get the whole being a virgin thing over and done with.

It hurt SO MUCH though, my first time.

Of course, I didn’t realize at the time that my boyfriend was going to be the most well endowed man I’d ever sleep with. I had no clue he was… exceptionally gifted. His was the first penis I’d ever seen. All others I’ve seen since have sadly fallen short. :wink:

Happy ending: 16 years later, he and I are together once again and planning to spend the rest of our lives that way. Winning!

Nervous, but not terrified. The first time did hurt, I was sore the next day, but couldn’t quit thinking, “I finally had SEX! last night!!!”

I was 25, so more than ready. That relationship crash-and-burned spectacularly but I can’t say it was because of the penis that ensued.

No. I looked forward to it with all my heart and soul.

The reality turned out to be…well, pretty damn good, actually.

A bit leery that the first time would the horror show of agony my friends had described, but not really afraid as such.

Yes. I was intimidated by everything about sex, and that’s the only reason I didn’t have it until I was 19. When I lost my virginity, it felt kind of like he was trying to have sex with my ear or something. Like there was no way something that size was ever going to get into that hole. He might as well have been pressing up against solid flesh, except for the burning pain. We gave up the first time and came back another day, haha. And after all that I didn’t bleed very much.

Penises are still kinda scary in abstract, thankfully I’ve only had to deal firsthand with two in my life. PIV sex was often uncomfortable, sometimes painful, for me for years after the first time I had it. It’s still a bit difficult sometimes. I dunno what’s up with my vagina.

Not afraid…aware that it might not be the most pleasant experience the first time out but not afraid that the pain would be excruciating, and it wasn’t. Hurt a bit, not not enough to discourage a repeat! And now that I’ve seen the post ahead of me…I didn’t consider waiting until I was 19 to be at all late or out of the ordinary…and this was back in the free-love 70’s!

No. Very curious though–I had no visual experience beforehand, and planned to examine things thoroughly.

I had a roommate who was terrified of it, and convinced she would never be able to, because she was a petite gal. She had…issues. Most of my girlfriends were more anticipatory and curious than afraid.

One roommate’s mother had tips for us to prepare ourselves.

I lost my virginity quite late by US standards. I was a bit apprehensive about sex in my teens, but as I got older I was more curious than anything else. I, ah, experimented a lot on my own before actually doing the deed, so by the time I finally got laid (26) I was mostly just relieved. :slight_smile:

I didn’t fear intercourse, but I knew the first time was likely to be painful (it was, but the pain was duller than I’d expected and I knew of techniques that would probably have helped… if they weren’t considered kinky in the US, where the deed took place).

I had been ready to lose my virginity to the first dick willing to wear a rubber by the time I was 16, but the rubber didn’t wanna play until I was 26. Saying “your rubber or mine?” in response to “my friend has a car we can use wink wink” turned out to be an amazing penis-scaring technique.

By the time I had sex for the first time I was well versed in the male anatomy (which, by the way, I did and do find to be hilarious. Thank GOD I don’t have one of those!) I (accurately) believed it would hurt a bit yet not be the end of the universe.

Ladymarmalade is it just me or are all your threads about fucking?

Yes, I’m afraid so. I need help. HELP!!! :wink:

No, good heavens, not at all. I was curious and fascinated. I was all prepared for the pain of sex the first time but it really didn’t hurt. (Years of bikeriding and dancing I suppose.) Sadly, it didn’t do much at all. The whole first session was pretty ‘meh’.

Afraid? What?! Hells no. And since I’d been dating the guy for quite some time, I was already acquainted with the penis in question. (I still have it and its owner around, matter of fact. I’m really fond of both.)

Maybe…cautious…about the first time I guess, because it’s rumored to hurt, but I don’t remember it hurting much, really. It didn’t do much for me either, but I don’t really remember it hurting. Anaamika’s put it exactly: meh.

We got better.

It took me 3 different days to finally succeed! We kept having to give up because it hurt too bad and wasn’t going to work. It hurt for probably the first 6 months, actually. And I bled for a week after losing my virginity.