Did your first orgasm happen when you were still a virgin?

Yeah, okay, the thread title says it all.

Did you have your first orgasm before you lost your virginity?

Specifically, did you masturbate to orgasm before your first actual penetrative sexual encounter?

Speaking honestly, my question is aimed at female Dopers. Being male, well, DUH, I whacked it to orgasm so many times before I finally got to stick my dick into a girl. But what about you “girls”?

Did you ever masturbate to orgasm, while you were still a virgin?

How did it feel? And did it have any effect on when you eventually lost your virginity?


Didn’t pretty much everyone?
I masturbated to orgasm when I was 7. I was a virgin then and for a long long time after.
** reads for comprehension **


Yeah, I, too, have heard that some female people didn’t really pick up on the possibility and therefore didn’t grow up masturbating. I assume they’d be a minority though?

Well, that’s the question. I’ve read and heard so much about women, even married women, who never had a real orgasm until later in life. And I’m curious about how much truth there is to those stories.

I’m honestly curious to hear about women who, as … younger women … masturbated to the point of orgasm before they ever actually had sex with a man (or with another girl/woman, if that’s their orientation).

Now that goes crosswise to everything I’ve read here on the Dope. There have been some here who have said that orgasm isn’t even possible for a prepubescent child (and don’t ask for cites; I ain’t spending the next two or three hours trying to hunt down quotes from the last 12 years). But citing my own personal experience as somebody who was once a 7YO boy … dude, seriously? When I was 7, yeah, I was “playing doctor” with other kids, but it was just natural curiosity, nothing sexual. Sure, I played with myself before puberty, and even had erections, but I was at least 12 before I had an actual orgasm.

I would certainly hope so!

Yeah, me too. I didn’t lose my virginity until age 20.

Funny story: I watched the movie, Evelyn (great movie), with my mom and stepfather. First time seeing it for all of us. There was a scene where the title character, a prepubescent girl, gets moved into a Catholic boarding school. She was shown to her bed in the dormitory, and she promptly laid face-down on the bed. Whereupon a nun forced her to lie on her back, with her arms above the covers, saying, “We don’t want to tempt the devil!”

My mom was terribly confused by that scene. Given that it was my mom, I wasn’t willing to speak up and say, “the nuns don’t want her to masturbate.”

I think my stepdad got the point of the scene, but he didn’t say anything either.

But I’ll confess that the scene did explain to me why all those Nancy comic strips I read as a kid always showed Nancy sleeping on her back, with her arms above the covers.

sigh I didn’t have an orgasm until my twenties.

I’m a guy.

My first was when I was alone. And it came as a complete shock to me. A nice one, though.

I should add, for full disclosure, that I’m writing a story, and it’s somewhat important to the story that one of the female characters masturbated often, when she was still a teenaged virgin.

And, as an adult male, I am singularly unqualified to describe a teenaged girl having her first masturbatory orgasm. Oh, I can write what my teenaged self ignorantly imagined what it must have been like for a teenaged girl. But … screw that. I want accuracy.

So, with that full disclosure …

Ladies, was your first masturbatory orgasm, if you accomplished this as a teenager, as surprising to you as my own was? I remember stroking my dick just because it felt good, and I was taken completely by surprise when I suddenly shot off.

I think you’re confusing orgasm with ejaculation. Prepubescent boys don’t ejaculate. Doesn’t mean there’s no orgasm, just no sticky stuff coming out.

Are you saying you never ejaculated as a kid? (not surprising) Or didn’t ever come when you masturbated as a kid? (really?) Or that you never masturbated as a kid?

Male. I played with it to some extent before puberty, but I didn’t have an orgasm until I was about 12. Didn’t lose my virginity until I was 30.

I’m still a virgin (female, 26) and yes I have had many orgasms. I didn’t start masturbating until age 18 though, which I’m given to understand is fairly late.

Yes it took me by surprise. I had no clue what I was doing.

I think I was about 7 when my older cousin showed me how to masturbate. I was a very good student.

I’m a female.

Ooh, this is probably going to sound like bragging, but…I had my first orgasm when I lost my virginity. (I’m a guy.) It’s not that I didn’t play with myself when I was younger, but I never made it all the way to orgasm.

First time I did surprised the hell out of me. Scared me, too - I completely lost conscious control of my lower body, and honestly thought I was going to die.

OP has a strange obsession with other people’s dangly bits.

How about choosing words that are somewhat more tasteful than "stick my dick into a girl," OP?
NO pun intended.

For me - almost too young to remember when I started to discover myself. First real orgasm by age 7 or 8. Long before I was no longer a virgin.

Me too almost too young to remember – by 6 I was masturbating fairly frequently, and always bringing myself to orgasm. What a little horn-dog I was!

You and me both! Wait, did you type “was?” Ahem.

First time was while I was sleeping. A little more to that, but for the purposes here that will do.

Before that happened I attempted masturbation, nothing, after that happened all systems go

I’m female. My first orgasm was at the age of 17 or 18, during penetrative sex with my boyfriend. Apparently this is highly unusual.

14, virgin.

I think you’re missing what is likely the most common (but by no means only) female experience: orgasming by masturbation after one has become sexually active.

I masturbated as a little girl, but I didn’t achieve orgasm until I masturbated (alone) as a sexually experienced woman. Then I started having orgasms during sex.

It’s very common advice in women’s magazines to masturbate if you aren’t having orgasms with sex, which is why I suspect it’s a pretty common experience. Masturbation allows you to figure out what sort of touch works for you, then you share that (either explicitly or by subtle direction) with your partners.