How long do virgin (guys) last during sex?

If you are a guy, how long did your “first time” last.

If you are a girl, how long do virgins last in bed. And does this disappoint you?

I’m a guy. Not too goddamned long. Somewhere between one and five minutes. If you want me to be more exact, I’d guess around two and a half. The second time, approximately double that, and by the third or so I got it under control.

Forever. I didn’t come my first time.

I’ve slept with 2 virgins. There was a big difference in the amount of time they lasted.

Thank you for that, thought I was the only one. Was your lady as impressed as mine?

My first time was pretty good time-wise, heck, it was pretty good, period. I came twice, once after 10 minutes, the second time after another 10 (probably a 5 minutes break in-between). I was ready to go for a third time, but we stopped then. I think the nightly masturbating had much to do with the control. Frankly I don’t think I’ve ever been able to come in under 5 minutes, even if I was trying to go for a serious quicky.


No, she wasn’t. And that’s all I have to say about that.

My first time was pretty damned fast, like within a minute, but I remained ready for further action for quite a while as we continued for the duration.

I wasn’t even able to get it up my first time - too nervous! Luckily, she was forgiving - she said she’d seen it happen before. When I finally psyched myself up, we were at it for a couple of minutes, then a knock on the front door interrupted us. It was her ride home! :smack:

I still haven’t had the chance to redeem myself (with her or anyone else).

A few days later, I (drunkenly) confessed the whole thing to one of my friends. He told me that during his first time, he and his lady were at it like rabbits for two whole days - and he didn’t come once.

Same here. My lady friend was very impressed and grateful. The next few times, too. But then she got concerned and thought that it was her fault I wasn’t completing. That’s a bad rap to put on anyone, and I wasn’t happy about that. Fortunately, with patience and repeated trials we were able to overcome my anxieties. Caring partners are what you need.
I have to point out that, in one long session, both of us sustained friction burns on our tender areas. Sometimes longer is not better.

Didn’t actually come until my third time doing it. And yes, my partner was pretty impressed.

I didn’t until time #2. My girl was kinda impressed, I guess, but it was her first time, too. And to be fair, the reason I didn’t do it the first time was the medication I was on. The second time I was on different meds and I’d say I went for about 15 or so.

Uhm… well… let’s say it would sound better measured in seconds…
But the upside was that at that age, it didn’t take long to get back into action. :slight_smile:

What he said.


I lost my virginity to a virgin. Maybe we just exchanged virginities. Anyway, the foreplay stage lasted about six months; the act itself lasted nowhere near long enough—I would guess between three and five minutes. Now it takes me that long just to remember what it is I’m supposed to be doing.

Mine wouldn’t even sound good measured in seconds. It was a few seconds. She was understanding, for the most part.

But it gets better.

I lost my virginity to a virgin also - we were both about 14 and it only lasted a couple minutes. But I didn’t care, it was fine. Last year, I devirginized a strapping young lad who was 24, and it took him well over an hour. He was pretty nervous, I think. But it was fun - for both of us.

I was way too self-conscious to come the first time. I think it lasted about 20 minutes, but don’t extrapolate from that that it was “good”.


That’s in milli-seconds though.

I did somewhat better on turns 2 through 5. It didn’t seem to matter to her one way or another, best I can remember. It was 1965 or so.
I do remember that it wasn’t her first time. It may not have been her first time that day. Thought it was free.

Oops, should have been, “Though it was free.”