Bleeding Virgins

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I’ve never slept with a virgin – my first time was later than usual, and she had been deflowered long before I came on the scene. I had the impression, though. that shrieks from the bridal chamber and blood-drenched sheets were a Victorian-inspired conceit, that a girl’s first experience may be less than sterling or even something of a let-down, but if it was akin to an Inquisitional torture session, you’re doing something wrong.

So, here’s a question for you experienced ladies: For your first time, was there a lot of bleeding, some but hardly buckets, or none, for all intents and purposes?

As a second question, do you know (or believe) that your hymen was intact at the time, or had it been ruptured previously through, say, athletic exertion or exploration?


No bleeding for me, but my hymen had been broken years before. I did it myself, but not intentionally.

The first time my girlfriend and I did it, there was no blood. But then again, I wasn’t looking too closely.

However, she did do a lot of martial arts when she was younger.

or so she claims… :dubious:

There was discomfort and bleeding.

The bleeding was along the lines of heavy spotting. There were a few spots on the sheets and I spotted for a few hours or so - nothing major.

I know I was intact at the time. He hit a point of resistance (which made me “ouch”) and then broke through (for lack of a better term) (double ouch).

It was not fun but not awful. (If it was that terrible, we wouldn’t come back for more and that would be the end of mankind, right? :wink: )

Yes, there was blood, my underwear was soaked. What’s more, when I was cleaning up, a big piece of pink skin fell out of my vagina. It was rather unnerving.

Oh god. Never before has anything in a TMI topic ever bothered me…except that. I mean, damn. That should be in a spoiler box or something sister.

Go ahead and notify a mod and have it deleted or spoilered if it’s that upsetting. I didn’t mean to out-gross an already pretty gross topic.

Too late now :wink:

Hey, I clicked on the topic, I quasi-knew what I was getting into.

There was some blood when I had sex with a virgin. Not a whole lot; just a very small pool on the ground. Yes, as expected, she wasn’t too comfortable with sex physically. Her vagina just wasn’t used to it. It wasn’t really painful, but she woke up feeling pretty sore in the morning.

The first time I had sex there was no blood. That was with my first, serious boyfriend. No offense to any men out there, but this guy was very, very small. Very small. Let me stress this one more time, men, do not feel insecure, because I mean VERY SMALL. As I was young and inexperienced, I had no idea how small. (In case there are very tiny, tiny, tiny men out there reading this, I’ve heard sex is wonderful as long as you know how to “wiggle the worm”, so it’s never hopeless… this guy was great at oral, so hey).

Until five years later, after we’d broken up, and I’d met my (now ex) fiance… I thought I was ready for him. He was large. Very large. Too large… And I bled. And I felt it in the morning, by God. Apparently, the other guy was so small (I am so not kidding, this isn’t just a simple “oh, you must be exaggerating” statement) I was still a virgin, even though I was sexually active. But this guy was so big, it hurt, even long after the hymen had broken. I dreaded having sex with a man who didn’t know how to weild his weapon…

And then I met my (now) hubby, and he was juuuuust right. No bleeding, no pain, just gooooood feelings. (and that, kids, is how Goldilocks lost her virginity and found the right man!)

So yes, many virgins will bleed, however, if they don’t, it shouldn’t be anything to fret about, or be suspicious about, as many girls who do gymnastics, horseback ride, martial arts, ballet, etc, etc, can easily stretch and break their hymen that way. Or sometimes they just… well, they might have masturbated and accidentally popped it. I’m sure it could happen.

I should have known I was a virgin with the first guy… but I had no experience at all, and no basis for comparison… but… but… his length was shorter than a tampon, and I never lost my virginity using a tampon!

Nope, no blood. A bit of discomfort, but no blood.

I think my hymen broke when I had a bycycle accident when I was ten. I borrowed my brothers bike, stood on both pedals, one foot slipped, and my crotch fell, hard, on the steel rod all men’s bikes have. I had a rose-sized bloodstain in my underwear that night.

I did bleed, although I forget how much and things were so painful and awkward, we agreed that finishing up what we’d started was not going to work. Fortunately, the gentleman and I were away for a weekend, we were deeply in love as well as best friends, and we were aware of the circumstances, so we decided to take things slowly and thoroughly the next night. We more than made up for the night before, and I came to the conclusion that, if someone says something “is better than sex” they’re either lying or doing it wrong. That weekend happened over a decade ago, but I still have to agree. There may be something better than sex*, but I haven’t encountered it yet.

*Insert usual disclaimers.

No blood.

I spent my childhood riding bikes, running around. Teenage years were spent with intense physical dancing for about ten years.

I didn’t lose my virginity until I was one month shy of being 20, and it didn’t even hurt much. It was kind of blah, to tell the truth. The guy I was with…didn’t really like sex that much. (Although he was a virgin too, we didn’t find this out until later).

She’s my boss; imagine how I feel.

This is going to be TMI.
Not just gross, upsetting.

You’ve been warned, so feel free to skip.

Ok, I bled a little my first time, which was fine.
I bled a LOT when I was raped…heavier than a heavy period…LOTS.
Ever since then I’ve tended to bleed a little after sex, not a lot and not all the time, but sometimes. No, it’s not painful, yes, I’ve told my doctor and I’m fine thankyou very much, it’s just inconvenient.

Just to say, that if there is a little blood, don’t assume anything until you’re told what’s going on, because things might not be as they appear. Several men thought that they were my “first”, and I wasn’t really up to explaining differently.

As a general rule, if you see blood, hugs are in order, freaking out is not called for.

Anyway, back to your scheduled thread, and I’m sorry about the interruption.

Buckets of blood. The bathroom looked like a scene out of The Shining and I bled for the next few days. :eek:

Heh. “Getting into.” Heh heh.

I was a chronic masturbater (with toys) long before I ever had actual sex, so, no I didn’t bleed, nor was it that uncomfortable. Other than the fact that I was tense, it was really no big deal at all.

Ftr, I was 19.

A large gush of clotted blood. About 1/4 cup worth. Didn’t hurt.

No blood. It hurt like a mofo though. And for the next couple days I had a very, very sore body.