Bleeding Virgins

Some blood, a good bit of pain, and the next day I was SORE.

It wasn’t that bad, though it wasn’t much fun either. At least it was quick. I was determined to deal with whatever happened, though, just to get that first time over with. Things have gotten much better since, obviously.

There was a very minimal amount of blood and a very minimal amount of pain despite that fact that it sucked and I had chosen a man to get it over with, um, with and actually had one of those hate disguised as love things going on. I did get my period twice than month though,but it didn’t come till like a week after the big event.

My first time wasn’t torturous, but oh, did I bleed! Mind you, there’s some others in this thread who I reckon bled worse, so I don’t feel so freakish right now. :slight_smile:

I also almost always bleed a little during sex. It’s nothing to do with readiness or lubrication (and we always use extra lube anyway) it’s just something odd about me. It doesn’t hurt when I bleed, and there’s not a lot of it, but my husband’s gotten used to seeing blood on himself after the event. (We actually joke it’s because he’s sooo mightily manly and massive. He’s about 6.25" for those wondering if it’s because he’s ‘too big’.)

I had myself checked out a few years back when I had an IUD fitted, and while they did find a non-cancerous growth in my uterus (which of course was removed) there was nothing to indicate why I’d bleed during sex. I just bleed easily, and don’t clot fast.

Just a little blood, but a whole lotta pain.

Virginity and a well endowed man is a rather…uncomfortable…combination.

The first time I don’t know if I bled(I was just finishing my period), but it hurt, so we stopped. The second time it bled and hurt so bad I was crying. I’m still not sure if he managed to break the hymen either time. He dumped me because he thought I was faking my pain.

My next b/f took it slow and gentle and I still hurt for the first month or so, but no more bleeding.

Just curious to those who say it hurt so badly, did you do a lot of masturbating in the years before you lost your virginity? I was a horny little thing, but I wasn’t ready to have sex, so I just made do with whatever. I was pretty familiar with myself by the time I finally did it, so it wasn’t bad at all.

Also, the fact that I was 19 may have something to do with it. Maybe if you’re 14 or 15 you just aren’t physically/mentally mature enough to do it comfortably. I don’t know, I can only guess from my experience.

no bleeding. i’d always thought that was a myth. :confused:

Yea, and as a corrolary did any of you mess around with guys before? Fingers, toes, saplings… you know the drill.

I’ve actually had this experience, too. When I lost my virginity, it hurt - a lot - and I bled quite a bit and kept asking if he was done. Although he said he had had sex before, I suspect now that he was lying. It was absolutely awful. Then when he later raped me, I bled a hell of a lot more. It took several days for the bleeding to stop. Then again, he was a really, ahem, well-hung man, so it usually hurt to have sex with him, regardless of whether it was consentual. Anyway, I still bleed occasionally after sex, though not every time.

I am guessing that age might have something to do with how well you dealt with it, but not whether it hurt or not. I was 25 and it definitely hurt. Eeyow. I found out after a year and a half without sex that the first few times it hurt again, too. Yay for lube, but ouchies for me. Still, I was mentally ready, or as ready as I could get.

Sure I masturbated (still do) but penetration has never been involved.

I was 19 and yeah I’d masturbated. Even used some toys a bit(but not enough to break my hymen).

I’m not one to tease, but…


I bled a bit my first time. Actually, I got my period the next day so it might have just been because of that. But it did hurt like a mofo. I remember starting to cry a bit.

My first time I bled a bit.

Of course, I tend to bleed a tiny bit (pink toilet paper, nothing in the underwear) whenever I have sex and I’ve been with the same penis* for three years.

There’s a bit of pain and soreness… but that’s the best part.

*the same boy, of course and I do love him… I’m not that crude, really

Lots of blood first 4 times. Went to a doctor after that, he said I should have had it removed before hand(???) At 17, Pre-planning wasn’t on the agenda.

Sigh . . . :smiley:

No bleeding, and the only discomfort for me was because the situation was so terrible. I knew more about sex from reading and masturbating than he did and he was 3 years and 2 partners more experienced than me. :rolleyes: (I was 19 if anyone is wondering.)

Like Maastricht I think I broke my hymen in a bicycle accident when I was 14. I was riding a borrowed men’s ten-speed and the seat was too high. I stood to brake, my feet slipped off the pedals, and I slammed into the bar on the bike. Massive bruise on a place where one NEVER wants to be bruised and bleeding for 2 days.

As a bonus, the guy I lost my virginity to tried to use the fact that I didn’t bleed to get back at me after we broke up. He told everyone I worked with that I was a huge slut and that I had lied to him and said I was a virgin, but since I didn’t bleed I obviously wasn’t. Fortunately, most everyone knew he was a vindictive little creep. (Too bad I didn’t realize that myself until after I’d already slept with him.)

I don’t remember any bleeding, and I don’t know that it hurt, per se, but it was uncomfortable. FWIW, I danced all through high school, so it’s likely my hymen was gone long before.

I’m still with my first penis, er, guy. Thanks for that, FilmGeek - for some reason it tickles me.

No bleeding, just a little pain really. Like others have mentioned, I did a lot of dance and sport throughout my teens, and was had been quite, ummm, sexually active without the actual sex. So maybe that explains why.

i’m not generally big on sharing details this intimate, but since skepticism seems to be the order of the OP…

yes, copious bleeding after the first time. though the qualifier seemed to be that the incident either triggered or immediately preceded my period. and yes, it was uncomfortable, rather painful (again, though, the usual cramping may have been a contributing factor later on). fortunately, prior readings had prepared me for that eventuality, and i learned soon enough that altering certain positions would minimize or even eliminate the pain.

despite years of horseback riding, bicycling, and general active outdoor recreation, my hymen was most definitely intact. in fact, the repeated discomfort in following sessions had me trotting myself to the GYN’s office. lucky me… apparently i had what the good doctor referred to a a “redundant hymen.” :rolleyes:

and, er, masturbation made no noteworthy alterations to the situation. i was into my mid-20s, so i was as ready physically as i was ever likely to get.

i second the observation that resumed activity after a somewhat prolonged period of abstinence can cause, if not real discomfort, then certainly a sensation of “ooo, haven’t done THAT in a while, have we?” … somewhat akin to the Weekend Warrior syndrome, although not nearly as debilitating afterward. :smiley: