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wow. i haven’t been on here in a really long time, but i had nowhere else to turn! this is really a question, but i didn’t really want to ask it over in general questions because, in my past experiences, people are a bit more…rough with their answers. so be nice- kay? here goes:
i am still a virgin.so is my boyfriend. (which is odd- we are just about the only two people we know that are…) however, my boyfriend likes to uh hum…finger me every once in a while (and i’m not saying i mind)- a WHILE ago when he first started doing this and was very…rigorous one day, he broke my hymen. yeah…okay…so that was just fine. no big deal. but then recently (okay last night), i bled a little. i’m not on my period (nowhere near it), and if my hymen has already been broken, then what’s up with the spotting? i don’t like being confused about my own body, so someone please give me an explanation. pretty please? :slight_smile:


No problem asking such questions! I’m not a doctor, but I wouldn’t worry about the bleeding. Spotting is normal, with or without a hymen. If you’re spotting a LOT - like for several days in a row when you’re not on your period, call your doctor. But q lot of women, me included, will sometimes spot a little in between periods. It’s no big deal unless it’s particularly heavy, or it hurts.

Just keep an eye on it for a few days. If it’s still happening, if it starts to hurt, or if it’s a strange color (ie, not like your period), go get it checked by a doctor.

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Breaking your hymen is not necessarily and either/or thing. For some women it may take several insertions (of whatever) before it is gone for good.