What is a "hymen"?

I’ve read about what a hymen is but I don’t see how it’s possible. Wouldn’t a woman’s menstrual cycle “break” it? or tampons? I don’t understand this. Please help me to understand. :confused:

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No. It’s not as if it’s a piece of plastic wrap over a bowl, there’s at least one opening to let things out. If, by some chance there isn’t one (it happens sometimes) a doctor’s visit is usually in order.

Make a circle with your thumb and 2nd finger. Note the web between the thumb knuckle and 2nd knuckle. This is somewhat analogous to the hymen.

Thank you. The link in FilmGeek’s post cleared everything up.

The question still remains:

What books where you reading? :confused:

It’s an over-reaction to a poisoning case a couple of decades ago. Ever since then, you see things like:
[ul][li]Safety Sealed for Your Protection[/li][li]Do Not Eat If Seal Is Broken[/li][li]Tamper-Resistant Cap[/ul][/li]Hey, would I make this stuff up?

It’s a musical group - “Willie Nelson and the Hymen.”

Actually, I thought the color of the OP was quite relevant to the question.

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