Bleeding Virgins

No bleeding - a lot of pain. In fact, I pretty much forbade him moving for a few minutes in order for me to take a breath. :smiley: He was a very sweet and accommodating guy.

I played a lot of sports in middle and high school so I’m pretty sure my hymen was long gone before I had sex (at 21, nearly 22 FWIW). I did masturbate w/ toys before I became sexually active but I was never much for the penetration as it was not comfortable.

No bleeding, no pain. I was on the young side, but I had years of practice with any likely objects I could get my horny little hands on.

Weekend Warrior? Care to eloborate?

Just googled on “weekend warrior syndrome” - didn’t really know what to make of it.

Seems to be basically about sedentary office worker types going out and playing a lot of sports on the weekend, and then their bodies complaining afterward because they’re not used to so much intense physical activity.

(I guess we can tell which sedentary office worker types around here don’t even play any sports on the weekend. :smiley: )

No bleeding, but discomfort caused by lack of stimulation, lack of lube (and an unlubricated condom), and lack of patience on his part.

It wasn’t a gusher or anything, but I did bleed a little, and it hurt for a few minutes before I got used to it. I’m not a very… er… large person in general, and I’ve had some discomfort since, but no more bleeding.

FTR, hymens come in all shapes and varying thicknesses. Some are porous, and some are not. Some are barely there to begin with, while others make you wonder how the hell she could ever menstruate without “backing up.” And so naturally, some will bleed more than others.

I think I had one of those “barely there” ones, because the very first penetration was during some reeeeal heavy petting and it just kind of slipped in, with no resistance (we were good kids and didn’t continue that part of our play, as we had no contraception with us :wink: ).

When we finally had real sex for the first time almost a week later, again no resistance but maybe one spot of blood.

[slight hijack] For the ladies who have had the mis/fortune of largely endowed men, does it hurt when it goes past the cervix? [/slight hijack]

I didn’t bleed. But I was also considerably older than most virgins (27) and I’d been using tampons for about fifteen years. So that would explain it.

There was pain, but unfortunately for me, there’s been pain in the two years since we first had sex. It’s not him, it’s my endometriosis - sex is painful. Luckily, it’s only painful for the first couple of seconds and then it goes away.