Losing your virginity...

Do you remember where and who you lost your virginity with?
I’ll tell mine after a few responses. It’s a bit “weird”… ;):smiley:

I will start off with mine, which is pretty boring…in the guest room of my gf’s parents house…during a one and a half hour time period when they were out of the house…it did cut down on the cuddle time afterwords.


I lost my virginity in a handicapped size portable toilet that was stationed near an outdoor show. I was working at the event with the guy and we “took a break” and wandered off.

I lost mine in a (male) friend’s bedroom during a party. I was slightly tipsy and pissed at the guy I went to the party with. It was nothing spectacular, to be honest.

Not long after, I ended up hooking up with the guy whose bedroom it was, and we put it to the same uses :smiley:


Does humping a partially rotten squirrel carcass count as losing one’s virginity? If so, then it’s the bed of a pickup truck for me.

In my bed with my older sisters best friend who was spending the night. It was interesting (to say the least) as I shared the room with my older brother.

Night I graduated from High School. My then fiancee and I skipped the All Night Party sponsored by the school and went to the nicest hotel in my home town for the night. Fortunately, he was older, experienced and knew what he was doing, so it was a quite nice event all in all.

Okay, never thought I’d say this, but Woody and I have something in common. Only I didn’t lose mine with a squirrel carcass.

In a pickup. On a country road. Middle of winter. Unlubed condom.

No wonder I’m such a romantic. :rolleyes:

Of course, FWIW, we were in luuuurve and are still good friends 12 years later. We were just in the middle of nowhere and neither set of parents EVER left the house. Plus, I now have sort of a…thing for vehicles. :smiley:

C’mon Tasha, tell 'em. You know they’ll love it.

Well, what part are you talking about, what happened later that day?

Nym, I am sooooooo driving you to Spiffled now!!! :wink:
me: In the bed of the person whose house she was staying at before she left the country. She was shocked when I confessed - I was 21,she was older and suitably “impressed” :smiley:
I must have done it right because she married me!

One time, in band camp…

I lost mine to a girl I loved. Just the night before, I had decided that should the opportunity arise, I would go ahead with it (previously, I had been not-until-marriage, for no good reason).
She came by early that morning, to surprise me, and intent on what I had just decided I would gladly do. :slight_smile: It was good.

To the first part of the question, it’s kinda fuzzy, some party. To the second part, nope, also pretty fuzzy.

With my wife, in our bed in our new apartment, right after our wedding.

Hey, someone had to be the first to admit it (not that there’s anything wrong with it).

cmkeller, you’re not the only one. For me it was my wedding night, with my husband, in a nice hotel in San Francisco.

I’d answer, but my parents might read this…:wink:

I thought Pit Miester was banned?

In my bed with a girl i met like an hour earlier, I was 15. My friends kept walking in and out of the room talking to me and asking me for cigarettes. We were both very tipsy.

In my boyfriends room sometime this summer.