When did you lose it? (Or have you?)

When did you lose your virginity? Who did you lose it to? How do you feel about the decision? Any other details to share?

I lost my virginity to another virgin, to whom I am now married. I was 20, he was 21. This is pretty late in life compared to most others in our town. I felt nervous and terrified about it then, but it was something I really wanted to do, as I knew he was “the one”. We’ve never been with anyone else since (but not for lack of trying).

Haven’t yet. Truly don’t think about it much. I have more interesting ideas than brute sex.

As of yet I’ve had nobody to try them out on, though.

And I am waiting for the ring to be on my finger before it.

A couple of months ago with my virgin BF. I was going to wait till I get married, but now I’m happy I got it out of the way. It was not fun. I want to have fun on my wedding night, not concerned with blood and pain and awkwardness.

15 years ago, on a golf course in the dead of night. Lots of mosquitos biting and a Van Halen song going through my head.

(Since you asked, ‘Women and Children First.’ Romantic, eh? “Could this be magic, or could this be love? Could this turn tragic? You know that magic often does…”)


I was 16, with the love of my life. I really don’t understand how people have any awkwardness or pain. It was great. We laughed histerically the whole time.

you see, we didn’t intend to. At all. We just sort of slipped (don’t ask) and all I coudl say was, “what is that?” and thus we began laughing. And we finished and curled up and slept. It was great. Getting fights with my dad and getting thrown out of the house. Until my mom fixed it. One of the more fun times in my life.

Hell, I still have awkwardness and pain. Of course, I have only done ‘it’ once or twice since then, so that could have something to do with it.

I did too, the first few times. It goes away.



Years ago.

Oh, wait, we’re talking about virginity here?
– Sylence

Iampunha, I already know your interesting ideas DON’T involve cinammon oil, but I’ll bet they’re quite intriguing nonetheless. Cheers to ya.

Awkwardness and pain? Good god … the first 20 minutes after “the first time” I swear I was in shock. I kept asking, “did we … did we …” wanting to say, “did we just have sex?” but couldn’t even form the words! I always intended to wait until marriage also, but realized that he was THE ONE, and that was good enough for me. Good thing too, 'cause like pepperlandgirl says, who wants to worry about THAT on the wedding night? Plus fact is, most people are WAY too tired for ANYTHING that particular night.

Sex on your wedding night?? Bwahahaaahha!! That’s silly! It takes three hours to get the relatives out of your hotel room…what? That was just me?? :::grumble grumble:::

Four years ago. A girl I didn’t know. Lots of booze and drugs were involved. Never saw 'er again, either.

The silly things kids do when blitzed out of their minds, after watching a hardcore porno movie.

Ah, to be young again! Now a lifetime of annoyance (and school) has left me bitter and cynical… and probably impotent, too.

I’m like you, iampunha… I’m still hangin’ on. Being 18, I still have a ways to go before I consider myself “ready”

I was 16, and met a French girl on a camping site in the south of France (Frejus, to be precise). We went to a party in a club together, and one thing let to another. Yup, I lost my virginity in a 2 person shelter tent :wink:

Her name was Nadine, and she was 20. She was experienced, and she was really sweet about the whole thing. I’m sure I couldn’t have been THAT impressive :wink:

We kept in touch for the remainder of my holiday, but decided not to exchange adresses at the end. I know nothing more about her than her first name and where she was from (Tours). Weird, huh? Then again, I actually like the fact that I’ll never see her again. It makes it somewhat mysterious. I realise this is a 180 degree turn from doing it with your current wife at 17, but hey. Life turned out differently for me.

I’ve seen you without your shirt and I don’t think you’ll last long. You’re going to have to fight the chicks off.

Of course, I’d volunteer to deflower you myself, but I’m happily married.

Maybe we can get Swiddles to volunteer! :smiley:

I was sixteen.

It was on a solid white comforter with a white blanket and white sheets.

I bled like a stuck pig.

Sue Duhnym said:

“I’ve seen you without your shirt and I don’t think you’ll last long. You’re going to have to fight the chicks off.”

So far they must be fighting themselves for the chance, because I’ve had so far one female near my age (16, I believe) tell me she wanted to get to know me for how I looked (I had my shirt on at the time. It was at mass).

Later she tells me it was because I looked confident and had an inner strength.

The thing is that I wear baggy clothes and I don’t walk around flexing my upper body and not wearing a shirt. That would just be bad.

“Of course, I’d volunteer to deflower you myself, but I’m happily married.”

That hasn’t stopped some, before (not with me . . . ), but marriages are sacred. I’m not bout to break up anyone’s marriage for the sake of a fuck ‘n’ run.

“Maybe we can get Swiddles to volunteer!”

Why have I not met Swiddles?

I’m out for the night. Hold my calls.

I actually waited until I was 18 by choice. Luckily, it was with the right person (Only a month and a half after we met!!!)I was very nervous, as was he, being both virgins. We had discussed it before and it just kinda happened. It was great! No pain, no nothing. I just hate condoms!!! What a mood-breaker! He was having a hard enough time keepin’ it up, being so nervous. Of course for the sake of my poor baby’s ego I faked it for the one and only time that night. But I think he needed that anyways. That week we did it 4 times, much to his amazement. And it is wonderful.

I firmly believe that a kid should wait until he is 18 to have sex. Then you are a legal adult and your parents aren’t responsible for your welfare. If you have questions in your heart about having sex for the first time, it is definitly not the right person to do it with.

June 7, 1977. I had just finished my training for B-52 crew chiefdom, and was flown to L.A. to live at March A.F.B. for the next three years. I shoved by bag into a locker at the bus station, and went for a look-see at the Hollywood scene.

Did you know that Plato’s Retreat West was right across the street from the Hollywood U.S.O.? :slight_smile: I wandered in at about 3 in the afternoon, and came out at 10 am the next morning! Lose my virginity? It got blown into the next century!

may 26, 1997 at 1:00 am, on her computer room floor. I was 15, she was 17. she was my best firend’s sister, I was spending the night and she started coming onto me. One thing led to another…
for the record, i regret it. we were pretty good friends up to that piont, but that ruined it. not to mention how mad her brother was.


The summer of '67. I was 14. In the back of a '47 Plymouth up on blocks behind a gas station. Her name was Eileen. I lasted all of, oh, 30 seconds.

I was the first one in my circle of friends to “do it.” Huge macho points.

And to Eileen, wherever you are: Thank you, thank you, thank you, darlin’.