Who here lost his/her virginity the latest?

Having just gotten out of a painful relationship storm (of the sort everyone is familiar with), I plan on remaining single for a good while into the future. That, in turn, means that I probably won’t lose my virginity for a good long time. I’m not bothered–how can I be upset if I don’t know what I’m missing?

Anyway, that’s the genesis of this question. I’m 19, which I realise isn’t terribly late for still being a virgin, but it’s not exactly early, either. I figure I’ll be pushing “late bloomer” if I wait a few more years, but I’m not exactly sure. So, the set-up is this: give your gender and the age you lost your virginity (assuming it was fairly late–average people can stay away ;)) or even if you’re still a virgin. You can tell the story, too, if you like.

19, still got my V-card.

I’m the same age as you, and still waiting. It’s not that I’m particularly interested in waiting until I’m married or anything, the opportunity just hasn’t presented itself.

Also for no particular reason then the opportunity never presented itself.

Actually it’s more like I never saw when the opportunity presented itself. Basically I saw a picture of a vase and thought for years it was a vase till suddenly I realized it was also two faces. Followed by much swearing.

14, because she was very special. We’re still friends

Late bloomer? 19 plus a few years? I don’t think so. :slight_smile:

Try 29, in my case. And it was a great surprise. I’d gotten used to being too weird to be attractive. (But then, after five years in the workplace, I had gone back to school… art school.)

I’m male, BTW.

I’m sure it’ll get to a matter of days amongst ages:

I was 30 yrs 126 days.

In high school my girlfriend didn’t feel she was ready (fair enough), but changed her mind pretty quickly after breaking up with me. The next couple of years I kept second-guessing myself whenever I thought a girl was interested (self-esteem issues). Then I dated someone for nearly two years who was saving herself until she was engaged, not for religious reasons, but because she “needed reassurance.” After that I was with a girl who had no such compunction, but in the final analysis wasn’t very trustworthy. I wanted to lose my virginity to someone I cared about, but I regret that she turned out not to return those feelings very strongly.

Behold, the “nice guy.” :rolleyes:

Another virgin still at 19 here. Same as what NinjaChick said.

21 with a prostutute!

She was a ballerina?


First experience at 18. Lost my virginity at 19.

I’m a male and an unabashed nerd, but I used to be pretty jocky.

Ditto for me; just hasn’t happened. 25, male, happily single, happily a virgin.

wow, 16 here

24, female and for religious reasons. Sadly, I was one of those “anything but” girls that are so delusional and probably everyone can’t stand. In retrospect, although it was with someone I loved deeply, I wish to hell I’d gotten out of the way much sooner. As responsibly as possible, of course. I’d at least, I’m sure, have waited until I was 20 and lived on my own (because that part seems to me to be a good rule to follow).

Now that I’ll be newly single again, I plan on making up for the delay. :smiley:

28 and counting…

I’m terribly picky and terribly shy which isn’t a very good combination.

I was 26. I’m female.

I’m female. I was 18.

I had good prospects all thru high school, but I was painfully shy and had no game whatsoever. I was this close to giving up… if a random cheerleader hadn’t flung herself at me when I was 18, I might be living in a monastery now. Fortunately I figured everything out and now it’s all good.

Male, 22. I wasn’t in any great hurry, and was hoping to have this deep connection with someone I cared about very much. Then I realized that was all bullshit, and took the very next opportunity that presented itself.

Y’all a bunch of amateurs , I tell ya.
Female. 45 and still waiting. :frowning:

This has not been by my choice, believe me. I can’t even give it away. And yes, I have tried.

It sucks.