Record-books: Which Doper(s) lost thier virginity the latest??? Or not at all?

So I was talking it over with the SO. When I was a kid… I liked this kind of a woman… and she liketh this kind of a man… giggle giggle giggle. Then a bit of nookie. Then some more giggling. The conversation starts to come round to who our first crushes were, what we did etc. Okay, me thinks. Unchartered territory. Anyhoo, I tell her bout the first girl I kissed, I was four. Apparently my mother caught me sitting in the playroom with her, crushing toy trucks together (hey man, weren’t those the days?). After which we started a long torrid lip-affair (well, not right there in front of my mother, that would’ve been strange). Then we got onto sex. I had my two. I was worried she would come out and let loose with some crazy number like 45. Not for any particular reason, just call it Xavier logic. So she opens her mouth,

Right, this must be the first letter of the first guys name

Oh god not Zerod, man I hated that guy - what a bitch!

Oh, it IS him - you die bitch!!!

::Xavier sharpens knife, slowly cutting a layer of his own skin to test the steel::




Awaiting answer…Xavier checks his watch…
Nope. Nothing else.

I scratch my balls for a while, then go back to the sequence of letters. “ZERO”. Is she attempting to teach me about the cosmological constant? The principle of infinity? The Pelugian concept of antiquity?

NOPE. Geniune answer. Seems Miss Bradley hasn’t ever got it on (before me of course). I’m ashamed to admit this answer actually pleases Xavier more than the three hundred and sixty four drunk football fans answer. But it also leaves me bewildered. Now she’s hot. That’s a given. But she’s also 22. I’m thinking she hasn’t got out in a while (like since she was 10).

Upon quizzing her, I find out that in effect, she has been waiting for the right person, and to be honest, now that we have been going out for some time, she thought she would finally do it (seems about right since it took me around six months to… well, shall we say a la romantique - “dazzle” her with my unorthodox charms).

Now although this presents me with a very onerous dilemma (for example, what if I’m not the right guy for her… what if she’s not the one… what if the crazies are right - and the moon landing didn’t happen?), I would prefer we took a different tack.

How many other people are like this, and lost thier virginity (or still have yet to be “dazzled” unconventionally) really late on in thier lives i.e. how many of you Dopers actually held it?

I realize that this post gives it (as in “holding yourself” sexually) a negative spin of course, and let me state that I am only mocking because I’m shitting my pants at the prospect that this woman thinks I could be it (a subject for another thread perhaps). Let me categorically state that for those of you who have “saved yourselves” for your one and only, more power to you (alternately of course, those of you who have been scrummaging for some hot-love and been refused like losers, good luck and godspeed).

But I am geniunely interested in this phenomena. How wide spread is it among Dopers?

I saved myself…mostly, I was terrified of getting pregnant. Several of my friends got pregnant, painfully young. So, I was still saving myself, I guess for one I knew I’d stay with because I didn’t want my baby to be potentially fatherless. And it had to be someone I completely trusted.

I was 21, my one and only was my hubby. I still haven’t gotten pregnant (after 12 years)…not that I’m trying. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: , someday!

I was a virgin when I got married. I got married last year, at 24.

25 over here. What was I waiting for? I dunno, just never felt I wanted to take it that far unless I was serious with a girl. Turns out that I did the deed with a girl I wasn’t serious about. Oh well.

Okay, okay. 27.

My first serious GF and I were saving ourselves for our wedding night, which never happened. And after that I went several years without dating anyone.

Then I met my soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Well, at least I beat 30. :rolleyes:

I was a virgin when I got married. I got married many delightful years ago, at 24.

I have never kissed anyone in a sexual way.

I have never had a crush on someone.

I have never been on a date.

And I’m 26 years old, with no real desire to change.

21 and still waiting for marriage here, mostly for religious reasons, but also because a baby is the last thing I need right now.

I’m 19. I have just started seeing my first boyfriend…We had our first date on Sunday. I have yet to be kissed, so I definitly have not had sex.

I plan on waiting till marriage. Its a religious thing for me.

25 y.o. checking in. Not really too concerned about the whole sex before marriage thing, it’s just I never had a girlfriend I felt ‘right’ with. I’m a bit old-fashioned about sex, and seemed to have missed the boat during puberty.

Doesn’t really concern me, as long as my bits and pieces don’t suffer catastrophic failure on the night due to inactivity. Or catastrophic failure on the night due to too many practice sessions. Ahem.

I am still a virgin here. Too many of my friends have ended up with something that makes pencilin cringe or are dads now. I just do not want that. Im only in high school but I just dont want that. I am waiting on the right girl. And surprisingly enough, many people I know feel the same way. Sex screws things up usually. Takes a strong relationship to deal with that at my age.

here I thought I was gonna win this one.

I was 26, mostly because no guy wanted me.
I didn’t even get asked for a date til I was 22.
I was considered too ugly.
2 of my classmates got pregnant at 13 and 14, and I was no way interested in that!
Then, after I lost it at 26, I had to wait 5 years til i met my husband(tho we did it before we married).

23, no kisses, no dates. Many, many crushes. I’ve yet to figure out this whole dating thing. At all. Always looking for advice.

suppose I should come out with it…

26 and counting. I shamefully admit that some people seem to think (because of me) that this isn’t the case, but it is. It’s mostly due to fear.

Yup. I’m 21, no dates, no kissing, no nothin.

It’s not like I’m gruesome or anything, so I dunno. I’m hoping not to make it to 22…

I was 23 when I first had vaginal/penis penetration but I had my first orgasm with another person at 17.

So when did I lose my virginity?

Never kissed, never dated, never had a girlfriend. I think you can see where I’m going from there.

I’m 22.

Basically, I’m waiting until I’m in a long time relationship with somebody(so I can know I can trust them). Of course, before that can happen, I need to be IN a relationship with someone.

And so far I haven’t because I’ve never met anyone I’ve been interested enough in to want to start a relationship with. I know girls, particulary my own age, and am fairly sure I could probably get into a relationship with one if I wanted to. Pretty much I’m content to be friends with people.

At the moment, I don’t feel any particular urge to change that. Maybe I just have an ultra-low sex drive or something.

20… no intercourse yet. Had a girlfriend for 1.25 years, lived with her and her ex-boyfriend. Talk about mood killer, but I’ll save that for another place.

yeah…I’m still working on this.

I could say it’s religious, because sometimes it is. At least when I’m thinking clearly it is. Not to say I haven’t tried.

But it also depends what you mean by losing your virginity.

TMI Warning

I’ve mentioned in another thread that I was…ill-used…at the hands of a relative. Part of this was his often-stated mission of “teaching me to be a woman”- but never penterating the hymen “so people can’t tell you’re not a virgin”.

I don’t consider this as having lost my virginity. Technically, I suppose I have.

Same here (21 year-old virgin, although I have done the kissing/dating thing a couple of times, although just enough to peak my curiosity to want to do a lot more). Of all of my friends my age, 4 are virgins and 3 are not (you’d be surprised how common it is). You’d also feel included if you hung out with us (me and the four that are virgins); we’re just one big, happy, cynical family.