Akira Question

I just watched Akira, hoping to finally understand the meaning of Sunbeam’s sample from Outside World, “You know we aren’t meant to exist in the outside world.” I got to the end of the movie and never heard the phrase! This is going to drive me nuts. Can someone tell me exactly where in the movie this happens?

There are two different translations of Akira - the old Streamline dub from the 80s, and the more recent Pioneer translation. Are you sure you have the right translation for the line in question?

I’m using this version from Netflix.

That would most likely (gads, Netflix’s interface sucks…so little information) be the Pioneer translation, which came out in 2001. The wrong one. The Streamline dub is only available on DVD as part of a set that includes all 3 versions (Japanese, Streamline, Pioneer).

The line, FTR, is spoken by one of the creepy old looking kids (the pudgy one, who you see first), although it’s been so long since I’ve seen the movie, I can’t remember the context.

Thanks, Tengu. Prompt and informative.

Glad to help, such as it was.