Al Michaels is great.

Last night during the game they’re talking about Miami’s orange jerseys. Madden says, “Well, how 'bout those orange jerseys. They’re not throwbacks. I’m not sure what you’d call 'em.”

Al Michaels: “You call 'em merchandise.”

Earlier in the season I still remember a disputed call. They showed the replay (maybe) once, and it looked like they got the call wrong. Well, they went to commercial and when they came back Madden says, “well, we just heard from league officials upstairs that the call was right.”

Michaels: “Yeah, that’s like getting news in the old East Germany.”

Translation: Don’t mess around will Al’s broadcast.

One day he’s going to be gone and you just know they’re going to replace him with a patsy. Enjoy him while you can.

Al Michaels is fantastic, and has been for a very long time. Most of the 25 and unders only know him from MNF, but he is also a very good baseball play by play man from what I have heard in old Cincinnati Reds broadcasts. His call on Johnny Bench’s home run against the Pirates in the 1972 NLCS is spot on.

To boot, his “Do you believe in miracles?!” call from the 1980 Olympic hockey win vs. Russia is one of the top 5 sports broadcasting calls ever made. It is a shame he has been stuck with some real bozos in the booth over the years… Dierdorf, Dennis Miller, an aging Madden…