John Madden moves to NBC.

I just read that Madden is switching to NBC. Link. Hooray! I can now enjoy Monday Night Football again!

Now would be a good time to invest in pot roast futures, then.

(My buddies and I for years have followed any mention of John Madden with “Now there’s a man who enjoys a good pot roast,” since he’s a rather portly fellow.)


whats he gonna cover at NBC?

Wimbledon? Track and Field? Rythmic Gynastics?

Sunday Night Football. ESPN’s giving the Sunday night game up to get MNF, and Madden’s moving to NBC because ESPN can’t really afford him.

As long as they don’t put Costas with him (you need ONE person who’ll pay attention to the game up in the booth), Madden should be fine for a year or so. What Al Michaels is going to do is the bigger question.

Costas is gonna host the studio show, supposedly, if A) they can get his ego-inflated head in the studio and B) he’ll stop pretending to have important baseball opinions long enough to watch the game.

Bob Costas is like the unholy love child of Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan. Worthless in the booth, and he thinks people really give a rat’s ass about his opinion on how relief pitching has changed since the 1980s.